shawty fire burning on the mountain//week 45

8:46 PM

Hello everyone! Not gonna lie it's super weird emailing you all on Tuesday and having received emails from all of my missionary friends yesterday. Pioneer Day and Utahans man they caused us to have p-day on a different day... Oh well what can you do? This past week was great! It was crazy busy filled with meetings and exchanges and lessons and a mountain/antelope island on fire. So many adventures so let's begin. 
Monday we had the BEST PDAY ACTIVITY EVER. We were able to have the bubble balls that you put yourself in and you can run into people and knock them over. Oh my goodness it was so much fun. Super hot but over all a blast and just SO MUCH FUN. Can you tell how much I liked it?
Tuesday I was on exchanges with Sister Allen and that was a party as usual with that crazy sister. She is the most bold outgoing sister I have met and I always learn so much from her. So you all know how Pokemon Go is a really big game now or something? Well we were at someone's house knocking on the door and we look down and guess what we see? A Pokemon card... It's coming to life... 
Wednesday we did service with some elders picking apricots out of a tree and then pruning the tree. It was really fun. Poor Elder Veach fell out of the tree though... So he got cut up pretty badly but he just hopped right back in like nothing happened, bloody and everything. The funny thing about Elder Veach though is that he is 5 ft 4 in but he acts super tough so the lady that we did service for, she only speaks Spanish, she said to him "you act so big, but you are so small!" 
Thursday I was in my area with Sister Cole while Hermana Thetford was on exchanges with sister Allen. So on Wednesday night we were planning and we didn't have any lessons with an investigator for the next day but I wanted to have a lesson with an investigator so I put one for our goal. The next day we walked around one of our entire trailer parks and knocked on every single door of people who we are teaching, we did teach, or who are potential investigators. And no one answered... We had one trailer left so I said a little prayer in my heart that they would answer the door and they did! We had a lesson right then and there and we talked about God's love for us. It was awesome and a great testimony builder that if we set our minds to something and work toward achieving a goal, Heavenly Father will help us out to achieve our goals. So that was an awesome miracle we saw! 
Friday we had district meeting and it was super spiritual and we talked about why it is so hard for us to be like our Savior, Jesus Christ? And we had an awesome discussion about it and we came to the conclusion because we don't fully understand our purpose and who we are as children of God. We are too materialistic and we focus on worldly pleasures the most. The Savior NEVER forgot who He was. So we talked about Charity and through service we can truly become more like our Savior. It was a great discussion and then after district meeting we had dinner and then I was able to go down to SLC to go to the temple while Hermano Madrid did baptisms for the dead for the first time! It was so great! I love that family so much and it was super special to see them again. When we were driving home we dropped off some sister and we were driving over the freeway and I saw a fire on the mountain but it was a HUGE FIRE. (We ended up finding out a few days later that like 100s of acres of Antelope Island was burned, no one was hurt) but it was crazy and it was all smoky on Saturday by the mountain. 
Saturday we had a ward activity and we ate carne asada. Miracle though. So we have been working with this family, the Andertons. The husband is a return missionary but inactive and his wife is from Puerto Rico and not a member neither are his 3 sons. They used to be taught by the English missionaries but we started teaching them. And we were going around and inviting people to the activity and we stopped by their home and hermano Anderton answered and said that he might come by with a son. And he did! So that was awesome! We have been having a harder time contacting them lately so it was good that they were able to come. 
Sunday we met with 3 different stake presidents and had church and had 2 random non members show up (always nice, and one of them wants to get baptized but he lives further north so we cannot teach him...) and we had some awesome lessons and this English stake in Farmington (oh and cool little side note a member there knows the Jackson family from our stake-like Emma Jackson and fam). Anyways, they were having a Pioneer Day concert because Sunday was Pioneer Day and the next day they were going on trek. The concert was SO good. Basically that stake is filled with Utah's finest singers. So we were able to celebrate Pioneer Day even though we are in the Spanish program. 
And then Monday, well it was a weird day because it wasn't pday but we owned it and went to work. We biked all afternoon. We biked to our district lunch we had at this sister's home who lives in the elders area. It was so much fun and delicious. And her house is awesome. Then we biked to Farmington and biked back, which was way harder because it was all up hill but we did it. Then for dinner we ate at this less active family's home and it was so much fun. It was a combined going away/birthday party for me and Hermana Thetford since she goes home on my birthday (next Monday) and we ate carne asada and cake and ice cream. It was so much fun and way nice of them! We love that family! 
And here we are today. Even though pday was on an awkward day because of Pioneer Day I truly am grateful for the Pioneers and what they had to go through. I learned to appreciate their sacrifice on the church history trip when I had the opportunity to go Nauvoo and Independance and Carthage and Winter Quarters and especially Martin's Cove. Because of the Pioneers I am able to serve here in the beautiful Salt Lake City Mission and I am so grateful for their sacrifice to cross the plains so we can be in Zion today. Love you all have a great week! Can't believe that I turn 20 next Monday and that this is my last week of being a teenager! Time is going bye too fast!! AHH LOVE YOU

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