’What’s wrong Hermana?’ ‘Elder Jacobs is leaving.’ -me and my comp everyday // week 58

8:56 PM

Hello family and friends and missionaries around the world. How has life treated you all lately? We have heard about the clowns... and they came to Ogden and Layton and now Kaysville I guess. I don't know what's going on with the world any more... this week was a pretty good one where we were able to teach a bit! 
Monday was a very relaxing pday. We went shopping then to In-N-Out for lunch and someone paid for us! So nice! I was very happy to have a double double from there, hermana Huxford wished we were at 5 Guys... You can't always get what you want. And in the evening we had a really good lesson with a family who's dad has kind of gone anti and the family is really struggling and the youngest son just got back from his mission. But our lesson was very spiritual and we were able to be real with them and get to know them and create a friendship that I think they have lacked with members for a bit. 
Tuesday we walked to Layton and got to know our investigator Mirella better. We talked to her, made fools of ourselves by eating FREAKING SPICY HOT SALSA, I was dying. And it was a really good time. She is very curious about our religion and has a lot of questions for us every time we come. Her kids like us being there as well. It was good to be able to create that friendship with them as well. 
Wednesday we had to go down to Salt Lake for a car training and I didn't know about half the missionaries there #I'mgettingold but it was a good training. And we got free lunch. We had a few spontaneous lessons as well and we had a really good lesson with the Ariza family. I love that family so much. So does Hermana Huxford. So we had a great discussion about how to make everything in the gospel an enjoyable experience and not just doing things out of obligation as a member. 
Thursday we had a lesson with Wernel. We finished reading in Alma 32 with him and he really enjoyed the analogy of comparing faith to a seed. If we have a seed E only way for it to grow is by planting it, nurturing it, and giving it what it needs, daily. Just like our faith. We have to nurture it and act on things for it to grow. He really understood that concept. It was good. OH MY GOSH, okay hermana Huxford and I had the scariest night of our lives on Thursday. So our landlords left Thursday morning for a vacation, so we had the house to ourselves right. Well at 11:30 pm we were trying to fall asleep, and all of a sudden I hear a door open and close and feet running across the house. I ask my companion, hoping she would say no, "hermana did you hear that?" Well she did. Our hearts were pounding so we turned on our light, and what else do we do, Hermana Huxford jumps in my bed and we hide under the covers, but we then realized that that wouldn't do anything. So we mustered up the courage to inspect what was happening. THANKFULLY it was just our landlords eldest son and his family. They were going to stay the night but no one told us that... We couldn't fall asleep for another hour or so... but all is well 
Friday we had zone training meeting. Sister Holcomb did her first training as an STL, and it was FANTASTIC. It was really what I needed to hear at that moment. I am very grateful for the inspiration our leaders receive for us. Then we went out to lunch. The just built a Blaze Pizza, and I saw it a few days before and I told my comp WE HAVE TO GO. So we did, and to our pleasant surprise they were doing all day free pizzas to honor their grand opening. It was great. 
Saturday we had a really good correlation with our ward mission leader and we are excited to plan a ward party that we hope will help the ward be more excited about brining others to Christ. We love our ward mission leader and his animo to get the work rolling here. 
Sunday we had a good time at church. Except the Hermano that makes the programs decided to put President Monson on the front, which made us think that he passed away. But he is still living, so that's good. In the evening we had dinner with an Hermana that is really struggling to have the ganas to go to church. She has such a strong testimony but just doesn't want to go to church. I can totally relate. It's amazing the grip that Satan can have on each one of us, even as a missionary. 
This week has been a good one. The weather is becoming fall and I love it. I think I would love it a little more with pants, but we are going to hold off on the tights until it snows. Have a great week! I love this gospel and all that comes with it. Love you all! 

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