"Hola, or should I say Ohla"-Elder Ohl // week 44

10:55 AM

Hola hola todos que reciban mis cartas cada semana. Como están? Como fue su semana? I hope you all had a good week and that you are enjoying your summer! And I cannot believe that Dal-pal is home! And so is Aaron Peterson. Goodness time is going bye too fast. 
Monday was the craziest pday of my life. We were in our home for enough time to switch out our laundry and throw (still in bags) our groceries in our fridge. We had song practices, grocery shopping, driving to Layton, and more to do, and a pday bowling activity with our zone. It was insane, but hey that's missionary life for ya :)
Tuesday we had zone conference and it was amazing. I love being able to learn from President and Sister Spendlove directly. They are truly called of God to lead our mission and to help us become the missionaries we need to be. Something that president spendlove said that really wasn't a part of his training or anything but he said "don't let Satan deceive you or the members by letting you all think that our mission doesn't have work to do." AND I LOVE THAT. A lot of times Utah missions get a lot of bad rap about not having work to do because "everyone is a member." While yes there are so many members here that it's kind of crazy, that doesn't mean that there isn't work to do. I have seen so many people enter the waters of baptism after learning about the gospel it's incredible. Satan wants us to think that Utah has no missionary work. Well if that was the case there wouldn't be 11 mission in Utah with well over 150 missionaries in each mission now would there? 
Wednesday we did more of the jungle of the backyard for our neighbor. Man oh man you should see the progress we are making. It's quite incredible. Then we went to meet with a stake president but once we got to the meeting we realized we were out of our area so we had to cancel the meeting and apologize and tell him that we don't cover his stake, it was a sad moment #spanishprobs Oh I have an Hermana Blanca moment. This hasn't happened in a while. So we were on the phone with the member who's yard we have been doing and she asked us if we would be able to come back one last time and I asked her if she wanted us to bring a couple of pairs of elders with us to help. But instead of pairs (parejas) I said parajos (which is birds). So I basically asked her if she wanted us to bring a couple of birds of elders to help us out. Haha it was funny... 
Thursday we went WAY out of the mission. Like all the way to Ogden to get our tires rotated and our oil changed. It was a fun little adventure that we had. It's always fun when you get to be rebellious and do something other missionaries can't, but you have permission to do. Anyways... Then we did spontaneous service for an Hermana that was in our ward but moved to the English ward because her son got in an accident and she needed to move a bund of rooms around in her home. So we didd that for a good portion of the afternoon. Thankfully we called up some elders to help move the huge beds and they made it go a lot quicker. 
Friday we had a lesson in the morning and we taught the restoration. She had a lot of really good questions that a lot of people normally don't ask. It was interesting in comp study we were actually talking about my experience on the church history trip and how I went to the sacred grove and I was able to share a little bit of that experience during the lesson. I loved that trip. It was the best! Then we had district meeting and it was good. Afterwards we finished that backyard for the members in our ward and had volleyball with our ward, but no one showed up. Summer.... 
Saturday we helped out with the relief society activity and we were basically relief society presidents setting everything up and getting everything together #lifeofamisisonary then we started and finished weekly planning in one session. That never happens for us. We always have to start and stop so that was a miracle. Then we had one lesson planned for the evening but by the time we went home we had taught 3 so that was pretty awesome as well! 
Sunday man, Sunday never even feels like Sunday. I mean we are always in our church clothes every day and we are always running around visiting people. But today was good. We had a great time at church. We had some interesting lessons and we had a few missionary meetings as well. 
This next week is going to be super crazy busy with lessons, and Family Home evenings and meetings and exchanges, but we are super excited! I love this gospel. I love serving here in Utah. I love speaking Spanish. I love being a missionary and having the privilege of sharing the gospel with everyone! But most importantly I love my Savior and HE loves YOU!!! have a great week!! 

Zone pday bowling last week
Kaysville Zone Conference
image7.JPGWhen you buy elders food for helping you with service 
Somewhere between the boundary of our mission and Ogden
Phone calls with our district leader
image10.JPGWhen you get paired to teach with an elder
image11.JPGHermana Thetford's trainer came to visit
We don't even know anymore.... 

Con amor,
Hermana Olivas
Utah Salt Lake City Mission

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