companion killer and twenty years of knowledge // week 46

8:47 PM

Hola everyone! I hope you all had a great last week of July! Oh my goodness I cannot believe that July has come and gone and now here we are in August... Everyone will be going back to school soon, sorry guys, but it's good for you! This week was good. Hot and kind of off with Pday being on Tuesday last week but overall good. 
Tuesday we had pday and we did the normal pday jazz with grocery shopping and we hung out as sisters. It was fun. Then we had a spontaneous lesson with some less actives so that was nice! And we had a meeting with a member in our bishopric about a new noche mormona program that we want to institute. 
Wednesday we did some canning! Oh my it was so much fun. So I had peach cutting duty and I used an apple cutter and it helped so much! And then we made peach syrup and peach jam and we learned how to can the easy way! It was some nice service for the afternoon. Then we had a lesson with our investigators and we have seen such a difference that they have made and how more open they are to us and the members and to going to church. It's so great seeing the change in people! 
Thursday we didn't want to take our car to Salt Lake for Hermana Thetfords departing interview so we took the bus instead! It was Hermana Thetfords first time taking the bus in her life! It was way fun! And it was even more of an adventure because we took it from the tip top of our mission to the bottom of our mission. The difference between the people in Salt Lake County and Davis County is HUGE. Davis county everyone is so happy to see missionaries and down in SLC if they see missionaries they just give you a glare. Haha it's sad but it's fine. We got to interview on time but president being his usual self was behind by 2 hours so we were supposed to leave at 11 but we left at like 1:50... It's okay I got to see a lot of missionaries I haven't seen in a long time so it was a nice reunion. Then we went to lunch and a nice lady in line gave us some money but when we went to check out the lady in front of us insisted on paying for us. I love nice people! It was Hermana Thetfords 18 month mark today and my 11 month mark on Tuesday so we wanted to celebrate with lunch! We got back to Kaysville and talked to some super nice people on the bus! After dinner we just walked around in the evening and tried to set up appointments with people. Only one lesson but overall a good day. 
Friday my companion went to her trunky temple trip so I was with Sisters Allen and Cole and I was able to so studies with them. I then went to their district meeting and then after I went to my district meeting. So I got double the district meetings. But it was great! I was able to learn a lot and in our district meeting, well it's always an adventure with those elders but we really focused on using scriptures, testifying, and asking inspired questions during our lessons more to have more effective lessons. I was really confident in testifying and using scriptures but holy heck it is always so hard for me to come up with inspired questions. So that is something I want to work on. I was then reunited with my comp. She said goodbye to our district and we had dinner then had a few lessons and now we have a new investigator thanks to a referral and then we went home to set goals for this next month. 
Saturday was an adventure, but then again what day isn't as a missionary? So this was our plan: go to temple square for a lesson with a family and have them take us, eat lunch on temple square, then meet up with a recent convert at 2 for her to do temple baptisms for the first time, and then take the bus home and have the rest of the afternoon to work. What actually happened: we get to the members home at 10:30 but they weren't ready so we didn't leave until 11:15, got to temple square at 11:45 did a tour and didn't eat lunch, went to the baptistry to not find anyone there, call elder coldiron and he said that we have to do it later, well we didn't have a car... So we got lunch and we were like lost sheep not knowing what to do while stranded on temple square, they got there at 4 but the recent convert didn't get there until 5.... It was a long day but it ended up working out the way it was supposed to. Let's just say we are glad we don't serve on temple square because after 5 hours of being there we wanted to leave so bad!
Sunday man today didn't even feel like Sunday. We had meetings and went to church and visited people and it was so sad because everyone was saying goodbye to Hermana Thetford and it was sad but I know that she will be missed here and I'm excited to stay in this wonderful ward and continue to work here. 
This last week with Hermana Thetford has been bittersweet. I'm going to miss her oh-so-much. I have grown to love her and I have learned so much from her, I hate to see her go. But I know that she served a great mission and now it's time for her to start her next :) I'm not gonna lie I'm nervous for this next transfer, I have never "led" an area (which basically means that I'm the one that gets a new companion and I know everything that is going on and it's up to me to help my new companion learn about everyone/thing) I'm always the one to leave. But I know that through the strength of the Lord I can do all things. So thank you for the birthday wishes. I'm excited to celebrate today on the mission, what a better way to celebrate your birthday than my being a missionary? well maybe if I didn't have to kill my companion, that would be nice! Love you all, have a great week! Oh and my new companion is HERMANA HUXFORD!!!! Oh my goodness I am so excited like best birthday present ever! It will probably only last one transfer so we are going to make this transfer the best ever!!

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