Note to self: do not wear a flowy skirt when it is slightly windy, especially not at conference // week 57

8:55 PM

Bienvenidos a mi weekly email. This week has been a long week. But a good one. 

Monday we somehow got put in charge of the pday activity so we were running around town trying to get everything together. Yeah nothing worked out the way we wanted it to.... but we did have fun. We ended up having a paint fight and then played kickball and had a flour fight. It was a good time and our district made it better by getting us all white clothing. They are the best. Then we had dinner at a members home and the cute kids each asked us a question about our mission and it was a good time to reflect on what I have learned so far! 
Tuesday was Zone conference. I love Zone conference and the time that we have to learn from President and Sister Spendlove. We focused on the Book of Mormon and the power of our calling. It was awesome. I really liked that what we learned though is stuff we will be able to use for after the mission. There is a quote from President Nelson that says "[be] a rock solid, true blue, through and through disciple who will be an exemplary member and spouse long after the mission is over." We are disciples of Jesus Christ, now and after 18 months or 2 years, we are either for the Savior or against Him. So I loved that. 
Wednesday sister holcomb was with us in the afternoon and it was good to be able to spend some time with her and get to know her more. I just love her and I am so grateful that she is my STL right now. Then Hermana Huxford got her flu shot. What a trooper. She bled and the nurse said "well that's not supposed to happen...." haha but it all worked out. So we had to send the mission nurse a text informing her that the shot was done and ours said "Hermana Huxford was shot, with a needle, by a doctor." We thought we should be creative. She appreciated it. Then in the evening we were able to make Pupusas with a less active! It was so much fun! More difficult than it seems but delicious! And we had a good message with her as well. We just have to figure out why she doesn't go to church so we can help her overcome that problem. 
Thursday we decided to walk to Layton today. And the weather decided to rain on us... but that's okay because we had 3 spontaneous lessons because we went out and worked! So that was a miracle! But the weather was spitting and being weird. But its all good. We saw a full double rainbow. 
Friday. Okay so we had tickets for the Sunday morning session but then a stake President asked for them back. But then we were able to get more tickets but the elders that gave them to us miscounted and needed them back as well. So we determined that for some reason we really shouldn't go to the Sunday morning session of conference at the center because all of our plans fell through.... District meeting was good. We discussed the spirit in conversion and peoples agency. I have learned so much about agency on my mission. I am very grateful for the gift of agency we have, but sometimes its hard when other people's agency makes you feel like you aren't giving it your all. But overall it was a good meeting. 
Saturday was great! Where do i even begin? So for the Saturday morning session of conference we watched it in a members home. I loved President Uchtdorf's talk about not taking the gospel for granted. We are so blessed to have the gospel in our lives and we need to be appreciative of it and realize what a blessing it is. Then for the afternoon session we headed down to the conference center and went with Luis and Kevin. And it was so great being able to be in the conference center and feel the spirit in the room. AND I SAY ELDER TREY TINGEY IN THE CHOIR, that made me so happy!!! Kind of bummed they didn't want to do that a year ago when i was there, but all is well :) I really loved Elder Yamashita and Elder Oak's talks about being ambitious for Christ and sharing the gospel! SO GOOD. Afterwards we were trying to find a restroom and i ran into my cousin Courtney! It was so great to be able to see her since i havent been able to since she left on her mission to Mexico about 19 months ago. I also saw President Gates and Crawford and us sisters all met Nik Day, he's a singer for the church. It was a successful day. 
Sunday we watched conference in a members home in the morning again and there were a lot of talks i enjoyed, but i think i really enjoyed President Nelson's talk about joy. Joy is something that we can truly obtain through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Then Sunday afternoon hermana huxford and i were able to go since it is our last time going to conference as a missionary. So we got our "trunky" tickets. And it rained on us. And it was windy and my skirt flew up quite a bit... But it made for an adventure. I really enjoyed Elder Bednar's talk about knowing our Heavenly Father. We can only truly know Him, through our Savior Jesus Christ. Afterwards we were able to see quite a few return missionaries, including Hermana Thetford. In the evening our lessons fell through but we were able to have a spontaneous lesson with a family who's son recently left for the MTC and their neighbors who aren't members. And it was so spiritual. You could tell that the family and their neighbors are really going to be affected positively by the service of Manny, the missionary. Made me appreciative of what i get to do everyday. After all of that sister holcomb came over and we just had some fun together and had some "bonding" time ahah. 
I hope you all had the opportunity to hear the words of the prophet and apostles and receive revelation. If not, go and watch or listen or read the talks that were given this past weekend! I know that you will discover something that will touch your heart personally! You can go to this link and watch conference:
Love you all! Have a fantastic week! I have a lot of photos this week, enjoy!!

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