My companion: ‘Look, a snowball is made up of lots of snowflakes.’ Me: ‘NO! REALLY?!?!’ // week 66

9:01 PM

Hello family and friends, can you all believe that it is December already? I know I cant, I feel like I was just in December.... This week was good for me and I hope it was good for all of you! 
Monday we had a zone pday (trip to SLC #1) and we just played volleyball and werewolf. It was alright. It did decide to snow on Monday so going home was a little eventful. Man some drivers just dont know what they are doing... Had a few lessons in the evening, and we had our investigator teach us. She has been taking the lessons for years, so she knows them just as well as I do. 
Tuesday was a pretty successful day! In the morning Hermana Gavito and I were talking about how the Restoration is usually referred to as the lesson about Gods love, but in reality all the lessons we teach are about God's love. If we really wanted to we could just put the first three pamphlets together and publish it as a book called "God's Love." Haha, maybe that wont be funny to you, but it was to us. In the evening we had dinner with the Vujich family and we shared the video "Flecks of Gold" and Hermana Vujich said that her gold is her family. I thought that was sweet and so true. 
Wednesday we got a referral for a Colombian family. And that was all the information we had. So we went to go visit the family. Turns out it was for two girls, Yobana and Milena, they are 13 and 15 and are staying here in the US for 6 weeks then going back to Colombia. The lady that is housing them doesnt speak spanish, and the two girls don't speak English, we can all see how that would be a problem huh? Well thats were we come in. The girls are the absolute sweetest and have such a strong spirit about them. We are going to keep visiting them lots :)
Thursday, JESUS LIFTED OTHERS BURDENS. Today we studied in Matthew about the yoke of our Savior and how we can lift other's burdens. We made cookies with Yobana and Milena and tried to translate the recipe to spanish... my vocabulary is going to increase with these girls. i just know it. We had another lesson with Matty. I just adore that girl so much. 
Friday, JESUS HONORED HIS PARENTS. President gave us permission to email our awesome parents to thank them for all that they do. I hope you were able to honor your parents as well :) OH in the morning we were in SLC (trip #2) and we were driving and this guy all of a sudden gets mad at my driving, i wasn't doing anything wrong dad, and he cusses at me and flips me off... people people. Other than that we had a good day. We had a good district meeting, I love our district, they are great. In the evening we went to a Christmas dinner with one of our investigators, Sandra (she also went to church on sunday!). It was a good time. 
Saturday, JESUS HELPED OTHERS TO SEE. Studied about when Jesus healed the blind. We went to a Christmas breakfast with Yobana and Milena for their English ward. Man english wards go all out. It was fun though. In the evening we were able to go to temple square (trip to SLC #3) with Matty and see the lights. It was beautiful. Side story, we were in front of the temple and this guy and his girlfriend are looking for someone to take their picture for them. I see the distress in the guys face and offer my services. When he comes to give me his phone he looks me straight in the eye and says "make sure its a good one" and then glances down to the LITTLE BOX IN HIS HAND. You guys, I was in charge of taking a photo for a PROPOSAL. I did a pretty good job if I do say so myself. But talk about pressure. Anyways, we talked to Matty about going in the temple once she is 12 and she is super excited to do that. 
Sunday, JESUS WORSHIPED HIS FATHER. We did that by going to church and cleaning up the chairs afterwards. We watched the Christmas Devotional with our investigator, so I will be watching that today in English so I can get more out of it. And in the evening we had a lesson with Matty but we were talking to Hermana Ortiz beforehand just talking about missions, and missionaries, she has a son out in LA. And Matty raises her hand and asks "can we start my lesson now? I am just really excited." HAHA I love her! 
Well this week was good. I am loving doing the 25 ways in 25 days to help light the world that I live in. I hope you are all enjoying doing small acts of service as well to those around you. Have a great week, stay warm, share your light, keep being awesome! Love you all!

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