Oh deer... getting dropped like its hot // week 49

8:50 PM

What a week. So I'm typing this on a keyboard instead of my ipad so Im sorry in advance for the typing errors... Remember how last week wasnt that eventful? well this week was the opposite. we had something going on EVERY SINGLE DAY. lets begin...
Monday. Basic pday. we had a fun pday activity as a zone and we played games in a members insane backyard and we enjoyed kickball and ultimate frisbee. in the evening we did some family home evenings and as we were driving home from Farmington to Kaysville on Main street a stupid deer ran across the road and I almost hit it, but because of my awesome defensive driving skills I didnt. Instead i hit the brakes and the horn at the same time, yelled "WHAT THE?" and the cars behind me didnt hit me. the deer was pretty scared though and my companion was pretty impressed. im more used to coyotes running across the road, not deers...
Tuesday we did a service project as a district for a nonmember lady. it was fun. her husband was recently deployed and she just had surgery so we did yard work for her to help her out and we were able to create a relationship with her instead of just preaching to her about the gospel.
Wednesday we had a district lunch that the elders put together with a member in their area. super sweet of them, but guess what we had for lunch, fajitas... tortillas, rice, meat, and beans, basically what we have every day, thanks elders, but its okay because it was very Americanized. We had a lesson in the evening with a less active lady who really loves our hair and now she wants us to dye her hair for her, wish us luck!
Thursday was a really cool day. So on Sunday the Assistants called us asking if we would be able to help out with a service project down in Salt Lake. This service project was for a non-profit organization called IRC. they help out refugee families for 2 years to get on their feet by supplying them with an apartment and basic supplies, like hygiene products, cleaning supplies etc in their homes. So what we got to do was we put together all of these supplies, stuffed our car (MOST INTENSE GAME OF TETRIS YOU EVER DID SEE, pics below to prove it), and then we drove to the apartment to set everything up. just me and hermana huxford. it was a really cool experience. we were able to help out a family of four start fresh and have a new opportunity to become who Heavenly Father wants them to be. so it was a special moment. but because the apartment was out of the mission we were an hour late to district meeting... oops, we had AP permission though.
Friday, okay today was AWESOME. so i am going to write a lot. so today we were blessed to be able to be edified from a member of the 70, Elder Woodring and his wife. we had our mission tour today. it was incredible. im going to go through what i liked about each part, so be prepared. so Sister Woodring shared a scripture that really touched me, she shared Doctrine and Covenants 24:7-8 which says "For thou shalt devote all thy service in Zion; and in this thou shalt have strength. 
Be patient in afflictions, for thou shalt have many; but endure them, for, lo, I am with thee, even unto the end of thy days." I was really touched by this scripture because right now I am serving in Zion, or Utah, and from the surface it may seem easy, but at times it really isn't, but if we are like Paul and if we endure, Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ will help us along the way. Elder Woodring started out by sharing a story of a pair of elders that met a man in Europe that said he saw their faces in a dream, he then asked us, "do you have the faith that you can be guided like that in your areas?" He really focused on faith. We had an awesome discussion on about how faith is a desire, belief, and ACTION. just like it says in the scripture, "faith without works is dead" we have to ACT and EXPECT when we have faith. He also said "against all hope, have hope" sometimes thats the hardest thing to do. after lunch we had another discussion on real intent and how if we dont pray with the intent to act on the answer we will receive, Heavenly Father will not give us the answer we need. So after being so spiritually pumped we took all of that and went out and had a super powerful lesson with an investigator! her name is Maria Espinoza. We really focused on how she needs to have faith in God that he will help her find a way to be baptized. it was a powerful lesson.
Saturday. what a special day. so when hermana huxford first came into the area she met a less active family, the Ariza family, who were expecting their second daughter in August. Hermana Ariza had a goal of being reactivated and worthy by the time their daughter was born so her husband could bless their baby girl, well 6 months later we were able to go to the temple with them for the first time in over a year. it has been an awesome experience to be able to work with this family and see them progress from not going to church to working so hard to go back to the temple and next month Hans will bless their new baby girl. it was a sweet experience, and we also were able to go to the Ogden temple so that was fun. that temple is BEAUTIFUL.
Sunday was just another Sunday filled with church and meeting and lessons falling through. all is well though.
update on our fast that we did as a district a few weeks ago to find the elect, well its working, but not in the way we would have hoped. we have been dropped by a lot of people and we have been dropping a lot of people because they are not progressing or they are not interested, etc... but thats okay, because Heavenly Father is just giving us the time to go find those that truly need us. but the fast is working the other way for the elders though. they have found new investigators so we are excited for them! Sorry this email is so long. Shoutout to those that actually read it all! love you all. hope you have a great week!

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