and then there were two.. // week 64

9:00 PM

Hello hello friends, fam, and anyone else who gets my weekly emails! How are you all doing? You ready to stuff your face this week? We have like 4 dinners planned on thursday. So pray for our stomachs please. This week was awesome! 

Monday we had the chillest pday ever. We did have to drop Hermana Rolfson off at the airport (trip to SLC #1). It was weird being in an airport... But the rest of our day was chill. We even got to nap. In the evening we had an AWESOME lesson with our investigator. Matty, pronounced Maddy. She is SO GREAT. She is 11 and we put her on date to be baptized December 17. YOU GUYS, Francis Peak Ward hasn't had a baptism in over a year #MIRACLES When we extended the baptism date she didnt even let us finish the question before she said "YES!" The spirit was so strong and I could just feel the love that Heavenly Father has for her. And His desire for her to be baptized. It was incredible.
Tuesday I guess was the super moon. Wont see that again until 2037 or something like that. We went to the temple in the morning as a zone (trip to SLC #2). It was great. I love the temple and the spirit you can feel there. I prayed for an answer about a concern I have and I got an answer. It all goes back to faith. In the afternoon we did some walking and tracting. This car rolls up to us and says "Sisters we are going to the House of the Lord right now, keep up the great work!" It was funny! Also we had a member message with a lady and she said something that really stood out to me. She said "After Heavenly Father has answered so many little prayers of mine, how can I deny the truthfulness of the gospel?" Its so true. If Heavenly Father doesn't seem to answer one of our prayers, we can look back at the numerous other times He has. 
Wednesday we had the special privilege as a mission to go see the Savior of the World play down in Salt Lake City. So Wednesday evening we went down there (trip to SLC #3). It was so good. The spirit was strong and what really stood out to me was the trust that everyone had with Heavenly Father and His plan and the trust they had in each other. After the play ended we all leave and guess what? ITS SNOWING. I wasn't too happy because I had to drive home on the freeway... BUT over half our zone had never seen snow before, so it was so cute seeing all of their reactions to the snow. I have a funny video I'll send. 
Thursday went down to counseling with my fav member, Janice (trip to SLC #4). Came back and had a pretty good day. Most of our lessons fell through. Its happens. But in the evening we had a great lesson with Matty. We were leaving and she said to us "This might sound weird to you but I was praying. And I decided to pray to ask God if He wants me to be baptized Mormon. And He said yes!" SHE IS SO GREAT. I love her! 
Friday we had district meeting (trip to SLC #5). We focused on teaching simply and getting to the point. It was good. Hermana Coca bore her testimony and we sang "Para Siempre Dios este con Vos" (God be with you till we meet again). Because she tore her ACL and is leaving a week early to get surgery. I love Hermana Coca and her great example to me these past 14 months. We did weekly planning, and then in the evening we had our ward cultural party. It was fun. We represented America and Canada by bringing cereal and milk #classic, every one thought it was hilarious. It wasn't that funny. But we had lots of great food and so many people came, especially less actives! it was a success!
Saturday we painted with Hermana Alfaro in her backyard, yes my hands were frozen. We also helped Hermana Vujich out with her house. Her daughter comes back from her mission on Tuesday, so they are fixing up the house for her. Family, when i come home, dont worry about fixing up the house for me, its stressful. In the evening we had the adult session of stake conference. It was really good. President and Sister Spendlove spoke as well. And made us stand up...
Sunday we had stake conference. The focus was the temple. Being here in Utah I have been so blessed to be able to have two temples within my mission. THATS NOT NORMAL. So many times we take our blessings we have for granted, and dont realize that we are so privileged in our lives. Like the Las Vegas temple, yeah it may be 30 minutes away from my house, but thats a hecka a lot closer than what Hermana Huxford has to drive for her 3 hour trip to the Chicago temple. We had quite a few meetings in the afternoon. And some great lessons in the evening. It was a successful day. 
As you can see this week was full of trips to SLC, good times with members, and some great lessons. We are excited for this next week. I am so grateful for each and every single one of you. Thank you for all you do. I am so grateful for my Savior and His sacrifice for each one of us. I know He lives. He loves each and everyone of us. No matter how far we have gone off the path. He is there. He will come looking for us. This Thursday please remember all of the many things you are grateful for. And make sure you let your loved ones know that you are grateful for them! Love you all. Have a great week! Enjoy the food you will eat!

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