tender mercies include free meals and money // week 55

8:54 PM

Hello friends and family! How are you all doing? Cant believe that September is half way over! That's crazy! And Homecoming is coming up for everyone! That's so exciting! This week was pretty good.
Monday was your average pday. Nothing exciting. Oh but for dinner we were going to go to Panda Express and we walk in and then this guy runs in and says "sisters my family and i will buy you costa vida if you want." So we went to Costa Vida and ate dinner with them. The guy's name is Colton and he served in Argentina. And on his mission he got stabbed in the side, but because of his ribs he was saved. And he served his entire mission. Yeah we are happy we dont have to deal with that. And i bet my mom is even happier. 
Tuesday we walked from our home to Farmington. That's 3.2 miles away haha. But we were able to talk to some people on the street and we actually contacted the family that we haven't been able to contact in forever! So it was worth it, but everyone was freaking out that we walked from Kaysville to Farmington... it wasn't that big of a deal. 
Wednesday, okay so Tuesday evening we had our day planned for wednesday and then we get a text from elder eparaza asking for our help. Since wednesday was transfer day and most people with cars were dealing with transfers they needed someone to do the IRC refugee service thing that we did a few weeks ago. So we were able to do that again. It wasn't as intense with packing our car, actually it was really easy this time #pros and it was a lot of fun. I would love to help with humanitarian work for the rest of my life. 
Thursday we walked to Farmington again. And we put in our plans to visit a lady that was recently reactivated and wen we got there her daughter asked us, "hermanas why weren't you at the temple yesterday?" WAIT WHAT?!?! So apparently on Wednesday Susana received her endowments for the first time and we were supposed to get a text on Tuesday telling us how grateful that we were able to help Susana get back to church and prepare for the temple and we got an invitation to go to the temple with them but because our phones are STUPID we never got the text. So we missed the temple. But we were so happy for Susana! And she was so happy as well. So that was cool. Oh and we were walking back from that lesson and a lady pulls over and gives us $20. We put it in our glove box for the future and our dinner that evening canceled. So it came in handy! I love nice people. 
Friday we had district meeting and that was good. Our district grew a little from last transfer to help even out the other districts in our Zone. So we have 2 new elders and a new MLS couple in my district but i have served around them for 4 months now so im excited for the bigger district. We really focused on following the spirit and the importance of having he spirit with us at all times to be able to help the people we tech have the spirit in their homes. It was a good meeting. 
Saturday i was able to go on exchanges with Sister Holcomb. She was recently called as an STL so i was her first exchange. And it was great! A lot of the time people change when they are called to be a leader and they become someone they aren't but Sister Holcomb is true to herself and i learned a lot from her. We walked most of the day and got some sun to prove it! At dinner i found myself defending elders because the family was all like "oh my gooodness we LOVE sisters, they can really touch people in a way the elders cant" and i don't know but im tired of people dissing on the elders. So i defended them and said that elders can touch people in a way sisters cant. Oh and i had to eat jello at dinner. I HATE jello. And i have learned that more and more while being on my mission. 
Sunday was a good day. We had ward council and church and another missionary meeting. So we were in a church building from 11 to 5. Not bad compared to some missionaries here. But still more than usual for us. But it was all good meetings. We are going to start working with our leaders in our ward more to find those less active that we can start teaching. We had a spontaneous lesson as well. 
This week was pretty good in general. Quite a few cancelations, nothing unusual. But we were able to go out and share the gospel with people and that's the most important thing we can do! I love you all and i love being a missionary! Crazy how much you learn from being on a mission but its great! Have a wonderful week! So i copied and pasted this from notes and now the font is all weird.... sorry about that...

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