change of plans // week 61

8:58 PM

Man what a week. It has been a LONG week. So many changes and surprises, but it has been good. A little hard, but we can make it! So big news, I'm in a trio, we will get to that later. 
Monday we drove through our entire mission, that probably sounds crazy for some of my missionary friends right now, but it's true! We are at the top of our mission and we drove down to the mission office, the bottom of the mission. We then went to East High with Sisters Holcomb and Cole and it was a blast. 
Tuesday Elder Esparza called and said "Hermana Olivas, tomorrow you need to be at the Whittier building at 10:30 with Hermana Gavito to pick up your new companion." WAIT WHAT?! So I'm in a trio and kind of training. Hermana Huxford packed and cleaned and said goodbye to people. 
Wednesday was transfers. I dropped hermana huxford off and picked up hermana Gavito, from Toronto, Canada. Then we went to get our new comp! Her name is Hermana Rolfson. She is from Alberta, Canada. She is actually going to Quito, Ecuador but is waiting for her visa. (I get 2 Canadians eh) So we get to train her while she is here! Had the trainer trainee meeting, it's the same a year later. Drove home, and OH MY we were almost in a car accident, but Heavenly Father protects His servants. There was a car accident on the freeway and everyone was slamming on brakes and luckily I was able to go into the shoulder, but I did get an aggressive driver, I consider it a defensive driver, but whatever. We were saved. Oh cool story, both of my companions know Austin Loveland and Hermana Rolfson know Kali Stoker! Small world!! 
Thursday I read a talk that hermana Coca suggested to me called "Rise to your call" by president Eyring. And it was just what I needed to read, sometimes I feel in over my head as a missionary, especially right now where I have to introduce the area to two new companions and one of them is a greenie. But this talk helped calm some nerves. So if you have a calling that you don't feel qualified for READ THIS TALK. It's worth it. We had a pretty good day as well. Hermana Rolfson placed her 1st Book of Mormon! It was a proud parent moment! She's going to do great things! 
Friday was kind of a hard day. We had district meeting, it was weird being in a Spanish district after being in English for 6 months. Especially with missionaries I haven't served around ever. Then we went to waffle love for lunch and did weekly planning. Had dinner and then after I kind of had a break down. Lately I have been feeling overwhelmed and kind of done with being a missionary. Being in an area for so long has hit me really hard. So I talked to Sister and President Spendlove about how I have been feeling and I got a lot of good advice from them both. Being a missionary is hard and I have had a good 14 months and I only have 4 left and I want to make them the best I can. This transfer is going to be a trial of my faith and push me to become the missionary Heavenly Father wants me to be. 
Saturday we helped out with the primary program practice. Then Hermana Gavito went to a baptism in her last area and Hermana Rolfson and I finished studies and headed out to street contact. In the evening we had a lesson with Hermana Gallegos. I love her. She has such strong faith and wants to do good, but because of past situations she doesn't want to go to church.... it's so sad, but I can relate. 
Sunday was the primary program! I love the primary children, I have grown to love them and care for them so much! Their testimonies are so strong and so simple. Then in the evening we had 3 unplanned lessons so that was really exciting! I am just trying to help my companions learn the area as fast as they can before I leave in 5 weeks. 
Overall this week has been a long up and down roller coaster. But Heavenly Father has called and set me apart as a missionary. He didn't plan on me to fail, so I shouldn't either. I know that this next transfer might be tough, but I know that I can do anything through the help of my Heavenly Father. I truly love being a missionary and seeing the changes the gospel can create in the lives of others. I hope you all have a great week  and that I can hear from you! Love you! But more importantly, God loves you!

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