transfers but not really // week 60

8:57 PM

What even happened this week? 

Monday we had zone pday, we went to Boondocks, and it was a party. We did bowling, then go karting, and then played some arcade games. It was definitely needed to chill and have a good time with fellow missionaries. We played an arcade game and won 500 tickets. Our reactions are priceless, so i will try tot send that video your way in another email. Okay! Then in the evening we had 3 of our 4 planned lessons! Wahoo! That was a miracle in and of itself. Oh and i got to try maté, i think that's how its spelled. Anyway its a traditional Argentine herbal tea. Its gross. It tastes like the earth. Nothing to hoot about. But the cup and straw are cool (pics below)
Tuesday we were with Sister Holcomb for most of the day to be her split when she and her comp had different doctor appointments. So we took a trip to SLC, enjoyed Olive Garden for lunch, got to chat and vent and enjoy each other's company. I love Sister Holcomb. Then in the evening we met with a new family and we hope we can start working with them to help them become active and have the 2 daughters be baptized. Then we started exchanges. 
Wednesday I was with Sister Cole and we walked all afternoon. It was nice. We were able to contact quite a few people and have some unplanned lessons! 
Thursday, we met with the new family again. The Garcia family. And we really focused on the love of our Heavenly Father and the importance of the family unit. 
Friday we had a really spiritual district meeting. We thought about a person back at home that is either A) not active in the church or B) not a member. And we talked about why we would want this person to come back or join the church. Then we took those feelings and role played with our teaching pol and how we need to feel the same way about the people we teach as we do with our loved ones. It was a really good training. For dinner we had empanadas. YUM!! 
Saturday we did some planting and tried to contact people and set up lessons. Oh and in the evening we had dinner with our bishop and we got to make our own empanadas! So that was fun! 
Sunday we had a really good time at church. In gospel principles we talked about obedience and how everything has a consequence to our actions, but we shouldn't look at it as a consequence. We need to look at it as a reaction. What we put in, we get out. Negatively and positively. It was a good conversation. Then we had dinner and had a lesson with the Burrola family. We met with them about 2 weeks ago. I love that family. We were sung to and enjoyed cheesecake and really felt the spirit in that home. I hope our visits are helping the dad feel of Heavenly Father's love. The dad is more open to us now, so that's good. Then we had a lesson with the Ariza family and talked about hope and how we can better develop hope. 
Well, transfers are this week. And GUESS WHAT? I am staying in Francis Peak for one more transfer and my beloved companion is going to my first area, ARBOR BRANCH!!!! I am so excited for her because I trust her to take care of the wonderful people who i love so much down there. I am getting a new companion, her name is Hermana Gavito. She is from canada. So after this next transfer i will have 7 1/2 months here in Kaysville!! Have a great week everyone! Love you and hope to hear from you soon!!!

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