’Have you sisters had dinner already?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Do you want a second dinner?’ ‘…….maybe……’ NO // week 48

8:48 PM

Hola everyone. So this week, well this week was kind of uneventful. Nothing super exciting happened, but that's life sometimes, especially as a missionary! But let's go through what did happen shall we?
Monday, okay so I got my hair cut. And I don't know if you all remember or not, but the last time I got my hair cut was in Rose Park and that was a terrible mistake, it was super crooked, well I got that all fixed from a super nice member. In the evening we had an awesome family home evening with a family in the Farmington Oakridge stake. It was so spiritual. And I received the best compliment I have yet received on my mission thus far, so we get to their home and the Hermana said to us "which one of you did I talk with on the phone?" And I told her she talked with me and she said "what? I thought you were a native Spanish speaker! Your accent and Spanish is great!" WOOHOOO, no more Hermana Blanca jokes for me! (Jk I'll still have those moments forever....)
Tuesday we did yard work with some other missionaries for an investigator for a set of elders in our zone. She was super appreciative of our service and it was a great time being able to help this lady out. We also helped out with mutual in the evening and it was kind of a chaotic mess, everyone was late, there were not enough leaders for all of the youth and everyone was on a time crunch. We were also late to a lesson because of it all.... So I wasn't super happy but that's okay, but because of it all I'll probably be a youth leader someday because of how much I don't want to be haha.
Wednesday we had to go down to SLC in the morning for a counseling appointment, we took the bus and on the way back the bus was making a lot of weird noises so the bus driver pulled over and had to do some stuff to the engine, and he said "let's hope that's a self repairing engine!" But we got back to kaysville just fine! Then we did a service project with some other missionaries. We made some DELICIOUS food and gave it to elderly people that have a hard time making it for themselves, or people that needed food. It was way fun. 
Thursday umm well all I can remember from today was that we were looking for a house to have an FHE with a family and we called them and we got her address and she offered us to have dinner with them after we just had a huge dinner (hence the title) so we had to kindly decline and reschedule a time where we could have dinner with them another time. 
Friday we had a lesson with a lady that has a problem with people dating a lot of different people... It was an interesting lesson and I basically had to tell her to not judge others, especially if they are not doing anything wrong. That was her excuse as to why she doesn't go to church... Then we had district meeting and we focused on How to Begin Teaching and the importance of our first impressions with the people we teach. "You only have one chance for a first impression" SO TRUE. So we really have to work hard to make a good first impression as disciples of Christ. 
Saturday we went biking and because our Zone Leader, Elder Magaoay, has never seen a sister ride a bike before we made some videos along the way. Of course my tire had to go flat, as usual. But thankfully we were at a members home and the kind Hermano drove my tire to the bike shop and got it all fixed for me. I love members! 
Sunday we had meetings and more meetings. Sounds like a basic Sunday. We were also able to have a lesson with a less active lady that always seems to have something going on in her life that makes her feel like a terrible person. But she is the sweetest and she has such a strong testimony. But life gets hard on her a lot and it's hard to get back up. But we were sharing a video with her and she got a phone call that she had been waiting for for a long time, so it was an answer to prayers in the middle of our lesson. It was a tender moment. 
While this week wasn't super eventful, and sometimes it feels like I'm in a slump, I love what I'm doing. I love helping others come to know about their loving Heavenly Father and their Savior, Jesus Christ. While this work is hard, I really don't have much to complain about. Sure I can complain about people not progressing, or not wanting to do anything, but that's about it. My companion and I have a car, a beautiful home that come back to every evening, meals from members every evening and whenever people see us on the street they love us. Being a missionary in Utah is a weird experience, but one I would never exchange. I love this gospel and the happiness it can bring to the lives of others. I love seeing it change the perspective of someone when they come to know that they have a loving Heavenly Father who knows them personally. I love my Savior and I am so grateful that I can wear His name on my chest every day. Love you all. Have a wonderful week. 

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