week 1 of transfer 13... // week 72

9:05 PM

Hello family and friends. Man time is going bye faster and faster each and every week. Thats life I guess though. This week was pretty good. 
On Monday we had a zone pday so we were in SLC from 9-5 because of a Drs appointment for my comp. It was a long day I guess. But it was fun. We played chair soccer as a zone, and I actually got some elders out. And let me tell you. Our zone is pretty intense with soccer #spanishzoneprobs in the evening we had a frustrating lesson with an investigator... she has been taught for 3 years and has been taught on and off with missionaries. We just don't know what to do. 
Tuesday I started My Plan. Its a program for missionaries who are going home and how to help them plan for "the life after..." it wasn't as bad as missionaries put it out to be. But I guess it kind of affected me because I had my first "im leaving and i dont know what im doing with my life" breakdown. So yeah...
Wednesday I got a blessing to help me with my emotions. And I felt a lot better after. But before that I cut my finger when NI was trying to cut up a pineapple. Great time to add to my happiness... We went out and did some tracting. Very interesting experience. Got some marriage advice, "Just dont be scared." Thank you. Then had a lesson in the evening and for the first time, an investigator actually pointed out the invitation to read, meditate, and pray about the Book of Mormon. So that was a super cool experience. Then the hermanas came over so have a sleepover. Like legit. 
Thursday the hermanas did studies with us then went out and we did tracting and contacting people with them. It was a really good time. Kind of weird having another set of missionaries living in our home for a night but overall it was a really good time. 
Friday we had district meeting and it was great. Hermana Gavito convinced some elders to eat some bean boozled jelly beans. It was nasty. They threw up... I got my trunky letter, basically it was a letter from President telling me to keep working hard. And I will. We had a district lunch and it was a good time. Then we did weekly planning and a member took us out to dinner. We visited one of my favorite families and we were just listening to their life stories, everyone truly has different challenges in life, ones that we need specifically. 
Saturday I caught the bug that has been going around the mission. I did studies and felt miserable, then i threw up like 4 times, felt a little better, we went to help the relief society set up for their activity, but i threw up again there. So we headed home and I got some sick people food and rested. We went out and tracted. Had dinner with an adorable Hermana. I did eat dinner, should have I eaten dinner, probably not, but it was worth it. Had a super powerful FHE with a family and the spirit was so strong. I was in tears in the end. That hasn't happened in a long time in a lesson. 
Sunday we had ward council. Honestly I hate ward council. Its terrible. Everyone is arguing and against one another and some people dont even listen when others talk, and by the time it gets to our turn to speak, half the council is gone because they had to get their families ready for church... all is well, all is well. Church was really good though. We talked about the Millenium during gospel principles, always an interesting topic to be discussed. Had a stake correlation meeting then dinner with the Trejo family. I love them. THEN in the evening we had a devotional with a member of the 70 Elder Zwick, and we walked into the church building at the same time and had a full on conversation #casual #generalauthoritiesarenormalpeople and his devotional was great. AND, best part, wait for it, I SAW THE MADRID FAMILY. I adore that family with all of my heart and I was so good seeing them I remember meeting them my first transfer in the field, and now here I am starting my last... ahhhh. 
This week was good. Had its ups and downs, like always. I studied charity this week and something that really stood out to me in my studies was that 1st, forgiveness is involved in charity. We have to be forgiving to people to have charity towards them. And 2nd, charity, as we know is the pure love of Christ, but an even better defition that I like that I found is, LOVE + SACRIFICE = CHARITY. And Its so true. Christs Atonement was the greatest act of charity demonstrated. The Atonement was an act of LOVE and SACRIFICE. Anyways just some thoughts that I had this week. I love you all so much! Have a great week! Oh I heard about the ward/stake changes. Sad day.... I will miss a lot of the wards that are leaving. And of course some wonderful families that are now gone from the Carnegie ward... boooo. 'Tis the Lord's kingdom growing though. Okay have a great week! Stay wonderful!

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