"quote me, I'm hilarious"-Hermana Huxford // week 47

8:47 PM

Woah what a week. I cannot believe that it is Monday already, but at the same time it feels like my birthday was FOREVER ago... 
I had a great birthday on Monday, thank you for the kind emails and birthday wishes I really appreciated them all!! So to start out Monday we did a sisters breakfast and study together, but Sister Allen and all the sisters threw a surprise bday party for me. They are too sweet!! Then Hermana Thetford and I went shopping and then her parents came to take us out to lunch. It was so cute I was able to see them see each other for the first time in 18 months. It was a tender moment. We went out to lunch and then I dropped Hermana Thetford off at the mission office, it was a sad moment, but I'm so excited for her future! Then in the evening I went on splits and was able to have a few lessons, then the Bishops family threw me a little party! I love them! 
Tuesday I was with sister Allen and sister Cole all day, but in the morning they had to go down to SLC so I was with a member here and we prepared a "district/missionary" lunch. Then I went back with the sisters and we worked all day between our two areas. At dinner we played what are the odds with this member family, mainly the 14 year old son, and Sister Allen had him eat a spoonful of salt! Long story short he ended up throwing it all up and his mom got it all on video, his parents thought it was hilarious. But we had a spiritual message after that all happened so it ended up being good. 
Wednesday Hermana Huxford came up and we were reunited! All of our lessons fell through so we were able to visit some members that were so surprised to see Hermana Huxford. It was great. Hermana Vujich texted me on Monday night asking who my new companion was, but I never responded to her so when we stopped by on Wednesday she gave me a dirty look and then Hermana Huxford popped out from behind me and Hermana Vujich's jaw dropped, it was worth her being mad at me for a split second. Haha
Thursday Hermana Huxford had an eye appointment in Murray, so we left the mission and went to Murray. She has a cyst in her eye so many doctors are fascinated with her eye, so at one point, we had 3 doctors in the tiny room just checking out her eye... On the way back we got free waffle love and the worker took a photo of us to send to his mission buddies because he served in Spain. It was awkward, but as a missionary so many people take pictures of you.... Then we made salsa and canned it. That was super fun! We had a super spiritual dinner message. We shared our favorite Book of Mormon scriptures with them and just discussed why these scriptures were our favorite, it was super simple but really spiritual. It was yet again another testimony builder of how powerful the Book of Mormon can be. 
Friday we had zone training meeting and it was really good. We talked about dropping people and then we practiced dropping people. Man it was tough. So normally in the Spanish program people are like "okay that's fine" but the person that Elder Ellsworth (yes we were paired up with elders) and I taught was just heartbroken that we were dropping him. But it helped me gain confidence in dropping people and how it really can bring blessings and miracles because we cannot keep going to the same people that aren't progressing over and over again. We had a lunch as sisters and that was fun. Then we did weekly planning. And in the evening we had a lesson with a boy that is getting baptized soon and it was hilarious. These poor children just cannot focus sometimes... 
Saturday we had a meeting with Bishop in the morning and we were able to discuss the work that we have planned. I love this bishop. Then we visited this cute old lady that needed company. And we were able to get some good life advice from her. She is so adorable! We had a few lessons in the evening and we were able to find a new investigator thanks to Hermana Huxford's investigator from Rose Park. So that was awesome. 
Sunday we fasted as a district to find the "elect" (the prepared people) in our areas. And I can already see it working. We went to church and then visited some peel. We were dropped by an investigator, but that's okay because that helps us to know that she isn't ready to learn more. Most of our lessons fell through tin the evening but we were able to teach an investigator about the word of wisdom and she accepted to live it! So we are excited about that. 
Right now everything is kind of slowing down. A lot of lessons have canceled but I know the Lord has a lot in store for us. We just have to work hard and really search diligently to find the elect that are prepared to learn about the is message that can change their lives. I am excited for this next week! I hope. You all have a great week! Love you and I hope to hear from you! 

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