one year older and wiser too // week 52

8:51 PM

Amados hermanos mios, como estan? I hope you all had a great week and that you were able to enjoy your last week of summer before school starts back up! This week was pretty great, but not nearly as eventful as last week (OH AND IT IS ELDER RINGWOOD NOT WOODRING, I was writing so fast that I didn't even realize I wrote his name wrong...) But we did eat in the homes of English members this entire week, that was different, and we got a lot of dessert. And also some very Americanized Hispanic food, not a fan. But that's okay it was still good! 
Monday we had a very very chill pday. It was a nice break. Then we had a family home evening with a family who's children really are struggling in their testimonies. The kids don't really care about the gospel and it was so sad to see. But you could tell that they were raised in a home where the gospel was important, but each one of us has our agency to live in Christs example or not. Then we started exchanges!
Tuesday I went on exchanges with Sister Allen and it was a blast. This is my third time being with sister Allen and every time I am with her I learn something new! She is one of the most bold people I know and she will share her testimony with anyone and everyone. So we contacted the world! It was a very spirit driven day, our dinner canceled/wasn't scheduled at all so we knocked on a members door and asked if we could have some food #wewerethatdesperate but the home we went to ended up having a teenage kid over with his friends who isn't a member but wants to take the discussions. So it was great. And in the evening we had a family home evening with a family who's son came early from his mission and has been struggling with some personal issues and we were able to share the message of the restoration with them and it was so powerful. I love the restoration and the spirit it can bring into a home. 
Wednesday Hermana Huxford and I biked in the afternoon to take advantage of the nice weather. We saw some elders and they were shocked to see us biking, I don't know why every elder thinks a sister biking is a phenomenon or something... We were able to visit a cute lady from our ward who found out she has terminal cancer, so we shared a message with her. She is the sweetest and has the strongest testimony. 
Thursday Hermana Huxford was with sister Allen on exchanges so I was with sister Cole. It was fun! We had interviews with President and oh my I can actually say for once that this was the best interview I have had with president. I love that man. He truly is inspired and receives revelation for what to say to us. He told me some things that I needed to hear but I didn't know it until he said it. It was great. He also shared some scriptures with me to help me out with an issue I have been having, and it was exactly the answer I needed to my concern. 
Friday was a very special day. HERMANA HUXFORD AND I BOTH HIT OUR YEAR MARK AS MISSIONARIES. What a crazy thought! Exactly one year ago from today we entered the MTC and my life changed forever. I remember this day so vividly it doesn't feel like it could be 365 days ago. Well today was full of celebrations and teaching, of course. We went out to lunch and a member paid for us #blessings. Then we had district meeting and that was good as usual. Then we did planning and headed to dinner. After we had some lessons and it was fun. Then we went to one of our favorite member homes and we burned a skirt/dress to commemorate this day (pictures below to prove it) it was so much fun! BUT our skirts didn't catch on fire, they just melted it was weird. After we got home and celebrated with 365 Oreos, we made a time lapse video that I will try to send as well. It was a great day and I am so excited that we were able to hit our year mark together. 
Saturday we had a relief society activity in the morning, we wrote talks and weekly planned in the afternoon, and had a dinner at a members home. Oh my it was so much fun. They have a daughter on a mission and they have a map up of missionary friends serving around the world, well I recognized a name on their map and it turned out that a kid they know really well was in my MTC zone. SMALL WORLD. And I was able to meet his little brother. Such a cute family and they were super happy to have us sisters over. We then had a Book of Mormon fireside at our chapel where a man came to talk about the evidences of the Book of Mormon. It was very informational and interesting. But it was when he was bearing his testimony that I was able to feel the spirit testify to me that the Book of Mormon really is true. And it made me think "Heavenly Father will never allow the Book of Mormon to be proven 100% because that would mean that we wouldn't need faith to believe on it." 
Sunday was a very busy day. We went to two sacrament meetings, and we went to one in English because someone who we shared a message with asked us to go to his mission farewell. It wasn't weird hearing church in English but it was weird hearing the sacrament being blessed in English. Haven't been to an English ward for over a year. We also gave talks in our ward, and there were so many people there because someone in our ward was having their mission farewell as well. Then we had meetings and it was a good day. In the evening I was able to receive a blessing of comfort and counsel because I have been feeling anxious/stressed/not qualified these past few weeks. And to be honest I really don't remember what was said in the blessing because it wasn't that long but I just felt so much better afterwards. I just felt in peace. I know that the priesthood truly is the power of God on the earth again today. 
Overall it was a good week. Can't believe that I have been out an entire year serving as a missionary for my Heavenly Father. Time is a weird concept, but I am so grateful for the memories and experiences I have had this past year and I am excited to make these last 6 months count. But speaking of counting, don't you all start counting down now you hear? 6 months is a LONG TIME, and I don't want you telling me that I will be home soon, okay? Haha, love you all and so does our Heavenly Father. 

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