8:57 PM

Hola, hello, buna, talofa, bonjour, ciao!! As you can see I'm practicing the gift of tongues, or just the use of my google translate. How have you all been? I hope the world is treating you all swell! This week of ours was a long one, not gonna lie. But it ended on a good note. So that's always worth it. 
Monday we had a very chill pday. We had a district lunch, our last full district lunch before elder jacobs is to leave us on wednesday. We had pizza. Then we took naps and chilled at home. And in the evening our lessons canceled. All is well
Tuesday we dug holes for someone who was putting in 15 trees!!! Talk about muscle strength that we got. We also got lunch from them and we got pizza. Then in the evening we had dinner at the Ariza home and we had pizza, once again. That's right i have had pizza 5 times since last friday... it was all delicious though, just kind of done with pizza for now. 
Wednesday we said goodbye to our beloved Elder Jacobs, who left for his hometown of Nauvoo. #sadday but it has to happen. In the evening we had dinner with a less active family and talked to them about following our Savior, Jesus Christ. They are such good fellowshippers for a few people we are working with, but we just wished that they would come to church consistently themselves. 
Thursday we did service as a district where we cleaned up a jungle of a backyard. Not as bad as the one home we did a few months ago where the entire zone had to come for multiple days, but this one was pretty intense as well. But we got the job done quickly so that was great! 
Friday we had district meeting and we talked about the importance of baptism and why we need to stress that importance to all those we teach. It really is the way for us to return to live with our Heavenly Father again. Then we had dinner at a members home. Oh my, so much food. And I ate tuna... ugh. In the evening we helped a lady get a blessing. It always amazes me that even though people can be less active, or inactive, they still believe and have faith in the power of the priesthood. You just cannot deny that the power of God is truly on the earth today. 
Saturday we had a lesson with Rachel, a lady who I have been meeting with for a few months now but is always so hard to find. Its amazing to see the change in her from when we first started meeting with her to now. She still hasn't come to church, but she is so much more open with us, and she will offer to pray, and she is actually kind. Its awesome to see the change in people. 
Sunday we had a good day. It was overcast and rainy and i just love that weather. We had a good time at church and in our gospel principles class we talked about developing talents. One thing that i liked that was mentioned was that when kids are learning to play the piano or an instrument or a sport they are not afraid to mess up and fail and try again. While on the other hand, adults are very much afraid to fail and mess up. We need to be like the children and not be afraid. Its the only way we can progress. We also had a missionary correlation meeting. This stake is so great about being missionary minded! I love it! In the evening we were dropped by someone, hence the title, thanks Adele. But after that we had a lesson with Juan and we talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ. And at the end we extended the baptismal date of Nov 19, and he said he would pray about it!!!! WAHHOOOO! He really does want to become better, so we are so excited to help him get to this point in his life. 
Well that was our week. Kind of a shorter email. Sorry about that for those that like the longer emails... i love being a missionary. Its one of the hardest, most tiring, frustrating, things i have ever done, but I wouldn't trade this time in for the world. I love my Savior. And I am here for Him. Love you all. Have a great week!

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