the never ending struggle of the clever weekly email title // week 56

8:55 PM

Heeeeelllllllloooooooooo, what's up everyone? How was homecoming and everybody else's week? Our week was pretty eventful. So this email is long, but I'm pretty funny so you should read it all if I do say so myself 
Monday we had our typical pday of shopping and spending money we don't have. We ran into half our zone at Farmington Station, specifically at Chick-Fil-A, it's the next best thing I have to Raising Canes for the next 5 months. And then in the evening hermana Huxford had to talk to apple support for EVA so luckily our lessons rescheduled. All is well with the iPad
Tuesday we had song practice in the morning because we volunteered ourselves to sing at zone conference. Sounds like a good idea until we have to execute it and then we all want to back out, but we shall see how it goes. Then we did service where we picked vegetables and fruit from a garden because someone got foot surgery and couldn't do it herself. We also moved around her kitchen from downstairs to upstairs. So we felt helpful. Then in the evening we had a spiritual lesson with our investigator Yolanda and we brought an ex-misionero and we retaught the restoration and really focused on the apostasy and the priesthood. And she understood more! So that's good.
Wednesday we saw a dead body, in a casket, at a funeral. We went to a funeral for a lady in our ward who passed away from cancer and it was an open casket funeral, and let's just say we noticed it was an open casket and made a beeline to the seats and avoided the casket at first. It threw us off and kind of shocked us. I've never seen a dead body before. Weird to think about. But the funeral was a wonderful service and it was very uplifting and spiritual ano the afterlife. The lady who passed away was such a good example to staying strong to the end. In the evening we had a spiritual lesson with the Ariza family and talked about our spiritual strength. But before we saw some elders that we haven't seen before and we find out that they are spanish elders in our area, when they shouldn't be and they are visiting our members... we were mad. They make another appearance in our week so stay tuned. At the end we played bean boozled, and Luis threw up, and we got it on video.... and we had to eat 4 at once, it was terrible. But we survived. 
Thursday we had four lessons planned and only one fell through! That's a miracle!! And the lessons we had were very good! We talked about faith in one of them because our investigator has a hard time getting over needing evidence and just trusting in God. We had another lesson and before we even had this lesson I said "hermana I have a very important question, do you know how to make pupusas?" (Basically my favorite Hispanic dish ever) and she does. So we planned a time for her to teach us how to make them. So we softened her heart. Nothing like food to get to a hispanics heart. 
Friday we had breakfast in the morning with an MLS couple and it was amazing to have an actual breakfast for once. We also had district meeting as usual. Not the best. It wasn't very spiritual. They tried to make it more fun. Didn't work in their favor. But that's okay. You live and you learn. Started pouring. I love the rain. Dinner... okay so we call her up an hour before because she hadn't responded to our text we sent the night before reminding her about dinner and she said "hermanas I completely forgot. Is it okay if we have pizza?" YES, we never get pizza. So we get there and she asks us "hermanas do you like fish?" NOPE WE HATE IT, in these situations we really want to say we are allergic but can't pull ourselves to do it. So we said yes. And she's like okay perfect because I made you fish soup. Well my comp hates soup and fish so she squeezes my leg under the table and says "I thought you said we were getting pizza?!?!!" Hahaa it wasn't that bad. But our stomachs hurt terribly after dinner. I'm blaming the fish. Moral of the story: if you are feeding missionaries, do them a favor and ask them before if they like fish, and tell them to be honest. 
Saturday, man today was a good day. One of those days where you go home exhausted and you feel accomplished. Soooo in the morning the elders had a baptism that we went to to support and it was great and spiritual. Very happy for the family. Afterwards the kid that was baptized did a back handspring in his church clothing #impressed Then in the afternoon we cleaned up the yard of a nonmembers because of all the rain he had branches and twigs everywhere. Such a funny old man. Did some weekly planning. We had a lesson with a less active member who is only less active because he doesn't go to church every week, but he is great about the little things like reading scriptures and praying and has such a strong testimony. And we taught the gospel of Jesus Christ. I love that message, especially with seeing a baptism just a few hours before. Then the elders had another baptism, and people say baptisms don't happen in Davis County.... and oh my goodness this baptism was so spiritual and sweet and great. The person that got baptized bore her testimony, and oh my, you could tell she was prepared to receive the gospel. We also had to help out with a crying kid, luckily I normally put food in my bag, so we had fruit snacks. Good baptism. Made me tear up. Okay then we drove to SLC for the women's conference. And we got there in good timing but for some reason they weren't letting anyone in, so we got in at like 6:30, bartered our way to get seats and got seated at 6:45, it started at 6... so we heard a talk and a half. But the talk I did hear from President Uchtdorf was one I needed to hear. He really focused on faith and what it really is, why we need it, and why is it important. It was much needed. Thankfully my aunt was chill about the chaos of conference. It was a nice session though. That's all that matters. 
Sunday before church we had lunch at a members home and had some bomb Colombian food. And the member mad some delicious like pineapple marmalade spread, ITS SOO GOOD. Then we went to church and we taught primary last minute. It went well. We shared a video about everyday missionary work because the theme was "yo puedo ser un misionero ya" and it went really well. I love primary. It's the best. Our lessons fell through but that's okay. Had to give the smack down to some missionaries serving in Ogden because they are teaching people in our area... ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh now they probably hate us. Oh well. It was a friendly smack down. Actually it was a really awkward phone conversation between my comp and i and three elders kind of arguing about area boundaries and such. Same elders from wednesday. Maybe its just our mission that is really big about staying in your area but its hard when you have to deal with missionaries from another mission.... not much you can do. 
Welp so sorry that this is so long. Guess I had a lot to say. General conference is this weekend and I'm pumped! Can't believe that I watched general conference a year ago in the MTC. Not everyday do we get the chance to hear direct revelation for us from the apostles and prophet. So it's pretty important to listen too! So go watch it! Maybe I'll see some of you there! Have a great week! Love you all!

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