Oh ya know mom, just saving the world one bumper at a time… // week 73

9:06 PM

Man what a week. So I am emailing today because our pday got moved to today since we went to the temple this morning. So yesterday was a little weird... but its all good in the hood. 
Monday we found out about transfers but nothing changed so it wasn't a big deal for us. We hung out at Janice's and played the game of life. If only it was that simple haha. 
Tuesday we had a blitz with our district. And normally blitzes are like super spiritual and people come into your area and help you contact so many people and i have only heard great things about blitzes but for us it was absolutely a DISASTER. Man talk about stress and it wasn't fun. So you can see my picture below of my reaction after the blitz... 
Wednesday we met with a new investigator named Jose. And he is great. We didn't really teach the lesson, the Flinders did instead. But it was pretty good and we are excited to start teaching him. Then we walked in the afternoon and did some tracting, witnessed a car accident, and helped clean it up with the bumper from the middle of the road. In the evening we had some good lessons with some less actives and we were able to get to know a member family better. I love the members in this ward. They are great!
Thursday was a really good day. In the morning we did studies with the hermanas and we were able to get to know each other better and man it was great. But we ran late because it decided to snow and traffic was terrible so i thought my personal study was ruined because it was 15 loss from it. But then during comp study hermana silverhardt said "so i dont know why i need to say this right now but i am going to, no matter how you felt your studies went, if you learned something you got something out of studies and you received revelation." And it really touched my heart. 
Friday we had district meeting with our new district. For the most part it is the same district but we have a new district leader, Elder Maldonado who is from Bolivia. It was a very spiritual meeting. I found out i got into BYU-I, still waiting to hear from Provo. But that was a nice news to receive. Then we did weekly planning and went and visited members in the evening. 
Saturday we had another lesson with Jose. Here's a little more info on him. He is from Chile, was an atheist and it trying to figure life out. And we had a super great lesson on how God is our loving Heavenly Father. And he said the prayer to close. It was great! We are excited to start working with him. Helped a family set up for their bridal shower. Man the poor mom was so stressed. But we are going to help with the wedding as well. We had a lesson with a girl named Sabrina and she is so prepared! We are excited to start working with her. Giant snow storm. No fun.
Sunday we went to mission prep and it was great. We are going to start going every week. Church was great we had 3 investigators there, and 2 of them are new! Dinner with the relief society president and her familia. Such a sweet family. Hermana Gavito lost our phone in the snow, and we didn't realize it for 2 hours... but it survived. 
Okay i am so sorry that this email is all over the place. This week i studied on virtue. And what I got out of it is that being virtuous allows us to have the spirit with us at all times and when we are virtuous we can enter the temple. So it is of the upmost importance to be virtuous at all times. I love you all so much! Have a great week! You da best!

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