’for ye receive no witness until after the trial of your faith…’ -Ether 12:26 // week 54

8:53 PM

Hey hey fam and friends. Not gonna lie this week was a little rough
but it's okay, it happens. So this might be a lil shorter than usual.
Monday was way fun. We had zone olympics in honor of the olympics that
we cannot watch haha. And WE WON. Our district was pretty
dysfunctional at first but then we got it under control. Haha it was a
lot of fun. #TEAMUSAFORTHEGOLD and we dropped 4 people today.
Tuesday someone got mad at me for knocking on the door because he was
trying to fall asleep... Sorry bud, just trying to tell you about how
you can change your life around!! Our two set lessons for the day fell
Wednesday our lesson in the morning fell through and so did our lesson
in the evening. And our member that was going to come out with us
canceled on us... BUT we didn't give up and we went selectively
Tracting and found some people that are actually pretty solid
Thursday we walked most of the day because the weather is finally
super nice. Our lessons fell through so we tried to visit this cute
little old lady in our ward that has cancer, but we couldn't even
visit her... Finally broke the streak of lessons canceling on us and
we had a lesson with Wernel and he has so many questions about the
Book of Mormon. He just needs some faith and trust in Heavenly Father.
Friday we had zone training meeting and it was really good. We really
focused on faith and hope and trusting in Heavenly Father. Sometimes
it's super hard to do that because when everything seems to go wrong
and doesn't work out you kind of want to give up. But we have faith
that Heavenly Father will help us out in all we do. An elder in our
zone who has been waiting to get his visa to go to India finally got
it, so we all said goodbye to him. It's sad having a visa waiter, it's
worse than a missionary going home at the end of your mission, talk
about a transfer though, he's getting transferred, to another country.
Saturday we had no lessons planned in the afternoon but sister Allen
called us about a lady that was cooking and only speaks Spanish and
she needed translation. So we came and translated and cooked with her.
It was a nice spontaneous service we did. And we learned how to cook
some Peruvian food. Oh and I got attacked by a chihuahua today. The
dang animal was biting my ankles, I am not a fan of those dogs... My
companion got a big kick out of it though. I think it could just sense
that I didn't like it...
Sunday we had a regional conference that was broadcasted. It was
really really good. Something that really stood out to me was that we
need to always be disciples of Jesus Christ, not just when it is
convenient to us. we cannot "check our religion at the door." It's not
something we can be at times and not at other times, we are ALWAYS
representatives of Christ. So I really liked that. TENDER MERCY: we
got 2 new investigators that have a TON of potential. So we are
excited to start working with them and see how they can progress and
come unto Christ. In the evening we were able to have a Spanish
devotional and have a member of the 70 come and speak to us. It was
also really good. We mainly just focused on how we can return to God
again, and that it through the gospel of Jesus Christ. It was cool to
see all of my missionary friends who I haven't seen in awhile. Didn't
know a lot of them because I have been up in no-Spanish-missionary's
land Kaysville for like 4 months haha. And I was able to see members
from my past areas, so that was nice as well. Brought back good
So that was our week. Lots of cancelations, some attacks by dogs,
dropping lots of people, tender mercies from the Lord and still going
out everyday and working. And that's the most important thing, is that
we go out every day and work hard. In the end Heavenly Father will
bless us if we put in our part. Hope you have a great week! Love you
Oh and transfers are this week BUT Hermana Huxford and I are both
staying so we are super excited!!!

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