We only got 4 weeks to save the world… // week 74

9:06 PM

What in the world even happened this week? Not gonna lie, but some weeks I just feel like its super quick between each pdays, but then I think about what happened this past week and it feels like forever ago that it happened.... I probably mention my fascination with time each week, but it is so true. Okay anyways...
Monday was not pday. That my friends was weird. But we had a lesson with Jose in the manana. And then we did service at the Kaysville mill. It was way fun and they needed the help. The mill provides food for families across the world. I kind of felt like Aly and AJ when they were in the movie "Cow Bells" and they had to work in the factory and they messed everything up. Anyone remember that? Well I had to fill cans with black beans, and I feel like there were beans EVERYWHERE. Its okay the Atonement is real. 
Tuesday was pday. We got to go to the temple in the morning. It was such a wonderful experience. I love the temple so much and I am grateful that we get to go as missionaries. We met the Young Womens general president that wrote the young womens theme about 25 years ago. After we had a district breakfast at ihop. That was fun. Then we did some shopping and hung out at Janice's to rest. 
Wednesday we had a worldwide missionary broadcast. And we watched it with our zone in SLC. The broadcast started at 10, we had to be there at 9:45 and we left at 9. It normally takes us 25 minutes to get there, but it snowed the night before so traffic was terrible! We got there with 45 seconds before 10 am. They made changes in our schedules, we now plan in the evening instead of the morning #hallelujah and we only set 4 goals instead of like 9, but the goals we set are actually going to help us focus on the conversion of the people we teach, not just the numbers. We had dinner with a family and the kids were adorable. One of the girls got dressed in her sunday clothes, and did her hair herself fixed with 15 hair bows because we were coming over. We became instant friends :)
Thursday I got to see Sister Bonzo. I love that girl! We did hermana studies and watched the broadcast in English because we watched it in Spanish yesterday and we wanted to get more out of it. We had some good lessons with an investigator and a less active. Oh and I hit 17 months. AHHHH
Friday we had district meeting and I love my district. It was super spiritual but we still have fun. Then we had interviews with president. It was good. Nothing special to talk about haha. Did weekly planning, and some Hermana olivas get your life in order planning. It was good. 
Saturday in the morning we went to a women's conference and the guest speaker was an artist named Sandra B. Rast. So i bought a temple recommend holder with the salt lake temple a few months ago, and i never knew who painted the image. Well it was her. So i got to meet her. Her art is so beautiful. It was a super spiritual experience and I have come to really appreciate art on the mission. Then Hermana Huxford and I did myplan and that was good. We did some tracting and then had lessons with less actives 
Sunday we went to mission prep. I loved it. Had breakfast with the Daltons. Did studies. Went to church, we had ward conference, and it was great. I love this stake and the leaders that serve here. They are so wonderful. We finally got ward missionaries and we are super excited. Had a nice dinner with a cute family. Went around and tried to visit people, but no one was home... until we felt inspired to go visit a less active member, who totally opened up to us and expressed her desires to become better and change. Oh then, highlight of the night, okay so we play board games with the members we live with in the evenings from time to time, and the Brother always wins. Its annoying. Well tonight, I WON!!!! By a lot. It was a great victory. 
This week in studies I studied on the attribute of knowledge. During my entire mission i have never studied the knowledge section. But it was great. A little hard to start off and build from, but what i discovered is that the knowledge we gain by faith will produce a pure testimony and a pure testimony had the power to change lives. But it requires action, like praying, reading, fasting, etc. and the knowledge i gain on this earth is to help bless not only me, but my family and those around me. It was cool. I hope you all have a great week! Cant believe February starts this week. Thats crazy. Love you all!

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