’You want it to be funny?’ ‘Yes, I always want my weekly email title to be funny.’ // week 67

9:02 PM

Hello family and friends. How is everyone doing? This week, well I can believe that it is already Monday, but then again it feels like monday was forever ago... so time is weird, but whats new?
Monday JESUS HEALED THE SICK (blood donating story found later in the week) umm we found out about transfers. So I will be staying in Kaysville until the end of my mission unless something crazy happens in January. But by the time I leave Kaysville I will have 10 1/2 months here. Thats pretty crazy. We had a good day, very chill and then in the evening we had a family home evening with this cute family in our ward. It was really good. 
Tuesday JESUS READ THE SCRIPTURES, we shared our favorite scripture with our dinner (mine is Revelation 21:4). We went down to SLC (trip #1) for a song practice for our upcoming Christmas mission party. Somehow i was volunteered to sing, but its okay. It shall be fun. We were able to meet with a lot of less active members we havent met with for awhile. And Matty's mom, who is inactive, wants to come back to church to support her daughter for being baptized. So that was a tender mercy. 
Wednesday JESUS FED THE HUNGRY, we studied about satisfying spiritual hunger. Made some arepas with Yobana and Milena and then went tracting. Always an adventure... a man told my companion that she was beautiful, then decided to text us that as well... we are referring him to the elders. We were going to donate blood today, we even drove down to Woods Cross to do so, but the line was super long, so we will next week, tbc. 
Thursday JESUS PRAYED FOR OTHERS, my mom was actually a real help with this one, she sent me an email about my MTC comp, for who I should pray for. Went to SLC for counseling, (trip #2), and it was really good. We were talking about finishing my mission strong and not worrying about leadership and titles. And something she said was "the only title that will matter after your mission is RETURN MISSIONARY." So true. Had grasshoppers as a snack in the evening. Video to come to prove it, it wasn't good. 
Friday JESUS VISITED THE LONELY. Man the spirit was really guiding us today for people we could visit that were lonely. In the morning we had Zone training meeting (trip #3) and we talked about loving the other missionaries in our zone. So our zone is basically from all parts of South and Central America, and some people can get pretty proud of the country they are from. We we talked about having respect for our cultural differences and seeing each missionary through the eyes of God. It was good, and very inspirational. Then we did weekly planning had a good dinner. And then we had some really good lessons with people we havent been able to see, but they really needed us at that time, and it was cool to see how we were able to help them. 
Saturday JESUS HELPED PEOPLE TO WALK, watched a video of an inspirational man who built his own leg after having it amputated. We helped with a relief society breakfast. Helped Janice move a couch from upstairs to downstairs. Hermana gavito and I did it all by ourselves. There was lots of laughter involved, but we got the job done! Then as a district we end to an Old Folks Home and sang Christmas carols to them. It was so cute seeing their faces and how happy they were. It was fun. Our district is pretty funny so it was a good time. We are going to do it again so we can practice more the next time. It also rained from when we woke up to when we went to bed. It was a wet day. 
Sunday JESUS MINISTERED TO CHILDREN. Today was such a good day. We had an awesome time at church and we went to primary because Matty gave a talk. She is so prepared. Got musical instruments for our district for Wednesday, and had some great lessons. Overall awesome day. Oh and as Hermanas we are trying to better our discipleship of Christ so each Sunday we are reflecting on who is our Savior to us during the sacrament and recording our thoughts in a journal. Hermana huxford is super inspired. 
Funny tracting quotes:
"Habla español?" "I'm not Mexican!!" -my comp and a little girl 
"What kind of Christian are you?" -my comp after leaving a door that didnt want to watch the Christmas video because she is Christian 
"You're beautiful by the way" -random man to my comp
"Hello we are the sister missionaries in the area." "Okay well I'm an atheist." "...okay well merry Christmas" -me and a lady
"Can we share a Christmas video with you?" "No I'm catholic" "umm okay..." 
       "Prójimo? Oh so you are all my property." -Matty 
Well this week has been great. This month is going to be crazy packed full of awesome things for us to do. Including Matty's baptism on saturday!! I AM SO PUMPED. I have been loving doing the #LIGHTtheWORLD 25 days of service challenge. Sometimes we have to be a little creative. But it's going great! I know that each one of us can be a light to those around us. It amazes me and makes me happy that even though not everyone celebrates Christmas, everyone just seems to be happier and more charitable this time of year. It should always be like that.
Have a great week. Love you all.

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