9:04 PM

Do you get the song reference? If not, where were you in 2011? This week was goood. Its been super cold, well to me, actually to everyone else as well. Its been record low, hasn't been this low for the past 20 years... so its pretty cold. And wet. And lots of snow. But im actually really enjoying it all! 
Monday was a suuuupppperrrr chill pday. Hermana Gavito and I like being chill i guess on mondays. We had a nap and then in the evening we had some powerful lessons with a return missionary, Hector, he just got back from Idaho and was basically begging us to come out with us. And then we started exchanges.
Tuesday, back to the good old memories with my bestie Hermana Huxford. Man it was so good being with her again, even if it was just for a day. Somehow when we are together we always find ourselves in interesting situations. Like this time we had a get a blessing for someone, all of our lessons canceled, we had to dump a TV in a dumpster, went up a mountain during lunch, and shoveled lots of snow. It was a great 24 hours. 
Wednesday we shoveled even more, go figure. If i ever live in a place where there is snow, I am investing in getting a snow blower. Like its worth it. We were able to meet with our new investigator family, the Ruiz family, they have so much potential and they really want to let God back into their lives. Then we met with Sandra, another investigator, and she really opened up to us. 
Thursday we froze. That's basically all i remember haha. But we went down to SLC for an appointment. All good things. Oh and we had a dinner appointment and our GPS is kinda outdated so it doesn't have new streets on it, and we didnt really know where dinner was. We had never eaten there before. But the lady describes the neighborhood and I got us there. Hermana Gavito was like, you dont even need a GPS you just need Hermana Olivas to get around Kaysville. Haha its my hometown now. 
Friday we had zone training meeting, and its amazing how inspired our leaders are. It was exactly what I needed to hear at this time. So that was great. Took my comp to Olive Garden for the first time. We weekly planned and then we had dinner. So January 6 is el Día de los Reyes Magos (basically they celebrate the three wise men) and there's a traditional sweet bread ring that you eat. And there are babies hidden in the bread, its like when Jesus and His family had to flee from Herod because he was going to kill the children, and it represents finding baby Jesus. Anyways, if you get the baby you are supposed to cook Tamales for everyone and you get blessings. Guess what? I GOT A BABY. But i dont have to make tamales. 
Saturday we went walking and tracting. Good times. Had a super spiritual moment with a member and she let us read her patriarchal blessing, it was her idea, dont worry. And wow it was really cool. And it helped us understand her situation and opinion about everything right now. 
Sunday we had freezing rain, man I thought there was just rain, hail, and snow. But nope there's freezing rain... weather. Had a good time at church. Heard some super powerful testimonies from the children. I love children. They are so powerful. Had some family home evenings with some members. And now this family wants us to start coming every week to teach them as a family to help them come back to church!! 
This past week has been really good. I think i have had over 10 cups of Hot chocolate from members from Thursday to sunday, and so much pan dulce that i might explode. But its delicious every time. Ummm I hope you all have a great week. I know that Jesus Christ lives, He really does!! And He loves each one of us. The Atonement, the sacrifice He gave, can be used in all aspects of our lives. Dont lose hope. I have been studying hope this past week, and its so great. To have hope or faith though we have know that God is our loving Heavenly Father. Then we can have faith and act and then we will have hope to know that everything will be okay. Have a great week! Love you all! 

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