stuffed, #ILUMINAelMUNDO // week 65

9:01 PM

Hello family and friends! I hope your week was as good as ours! And I hope that you were able to eat lots of good food on Thursday. I know we did! 

Monday we had half a pday because Thanksgiving was kind of a pday as well. So we just emailed, and shopped quickly then after we went to the Vujich home to help get the finishing touches of their house ready for their daughter to return from her mission. Then in the evening we had a Family Home Evening with the Trejo family. That family is awesome and they are just great examples to me. 
Tuesday we had a miracle in the evening. So last week during weekly planning Hermana Gavito said, "our next investigator is going to be a man." And when she said that i thought of a guy we met once or twice when I first got here named Gilberto. So we set plans to go visit him today. When we got there he said "Did Willian (a guy in our ward) send you?" "No to be completely honest, we prayed about who to visit and we got the answer of you." He then goes to tell us all of these coincidences he has had in the past month or so about meeting members and them testifying to him about the church. While we were there a lady comes and knocks on the door and invites them to a ward Christmas party. She was going to come earlier but something stopped her. So she happened to come when we were there. And Gilberto said "well this must be a sign I should listen to you." YES I WOULD SAY SO. 
Wednesday we baked cookies and raked leaves. In the evening we were finally able to meet Inela Vujich who just got back from her mission in Nampa Idaho. It was weird being with a recently returned missionary and seeing her try to adjust to the life after the mission. Im just going to say sorry in advance to my family if I act weird after the mission. It will most likely happen. 
Thursday. 3 words: SO. MUCH. FOOD. So we had 5 dinners planned, but we only ate at 3 of them. In the morning we went down to SLC (trip #1) to be with the Hermanas in the morning because Hermana Coca was leaving that day. It was a sad time, but I know the Lord has a plan for Hermana Coca and her life after the mission and all the people she still needs to touch. Then we headed to our "dinner," at 12:30.... It was good. There were lots of family there so we got to talk to a lot of people. Man people in Davis County are just excited to see missionaries. Then we went to the Iniguez home and ate Hispanic food there. After we went to be with Janice and her familia, luckily they let our stomachs rest and they didnt force us to eat. So we were able to just relax and enjoy their company. Then we headed over to the Vujich home and shared what we are grateful for. After we went to our last dinner with the Plasencia family (Bishop). And we ended that meal with delicious pumpkin chocolate chip cheesecake. Today I felt to much gratitude for Kaysville and all the families and love I have felt while being here. Kaysville has a piece of my heart, especially for the members here. 
Friday was the release of the new Christmas Initiative, #LIGHTtheWORLD, you can all see it at Then we had district meeting (trip to SLC #2). Our district has some funny elders in it, so it always makes for a good time. Headed home and did some planning then we went and helped Janice decorate for Christmas. It was lots of fun. Today I finally let my companion play Christmas music. I wouldn't let her until after thanksgiving, i am a firm believer in celebrating each holiday individually and not skipping Thanksgiving. She was happy she could finally listen to Christmas music. In the evening we had a lesson with an investigator, named Jesus. 
Saturday, YOU GUYS. I, Hermana Kaitlynn Olivas, took a giant step for me. I had sushi at dinner. Now, you all may be thinking, what's the big deal? Well I hate fish. So why in the world would I ever eat raw fish. well we were given sushi at dinner. And I ate it. And it wasn't that bad. Granted, i did put a ton of soy sauce on it. And it was crab so it wasn't raw, but nonetheless, I ate sushi. After that experience we had a lesson with Matty and SHE IS SO PREPARED. We had to move her baptism date to a day later so her mom would be able to go. And we were talking about baptism, and she said "what do I have to do to prepare? Can you feel when you get the Holy Ghost, like can you feel the difference right then? I am so excited" I love her, she is a special daughter of God that is prepared to hear this message. 
Sunday was a good average day. We taught gospel principles, and it was on the law of chastity... fun fun. But somehow it got way off topic because it was this one man and us two and he went off on how he doesnt like it that missionaries have to leave and then people that used to be taught dont get taught... long story short, we decided to share the christmas video with him and cancel our class on the law of chastity. It was better that way. Basically all of our lessons fell through for today, but it was still a good day. I just feel so much love for everyone here and all of the members have become my family. It may be my last week here because transfers are next week. We shall see. 
Okay everyone, so in honor of the Christmas season that is coming up, the church has put out a new Christmas video, called "#LIGHTtheWORLD." It is a great video that i want all of you to watch. You can find it on SO GO WATCH IT. It honestly puts into perspective how easy it is for all of us to follow the example of our Savior, Jesus Christ, and try to be like Him, especially during this time of year. I love my Savior and His great example to me. I know that we can all bring the light of Christ with us in all that we do. Have a great week everyone. I cannot believe that it is going to be December this week. THATS CRAZY. LOVE YOU.

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