in 18 months, what did I even learn?

9:53 PM

Heres some advice to future missionaries:
Pick up all coins on the ground, you will be rich by the end of your mission
"It's something unpredictable but in the end it's right I hope the time of your life"

The mission is worth so much. It's worth it to stop school, like my friend Elder Esparza, who had one year left to become a doctor. It's worth it to stop your career, like Elder Berrios who was a dentist. It's worth it to be the oldest one in the mission, like Sister Ursaga who was 28. It's worth it to leave behind a loved one, if they are "the one" they will wait for you. It's worth the price, because you get so much more out of a mission than what you pay for. The experiences, life lessons, and blessings, not only you receive but the people you contact and your family back at home receive. It's worth becoming close to your Savior and becoming His disciple. It's worth being obedient, you will see miracles if you aren't obedient, because Heavenly Father wont have His work be stopped, but you will be happier if you are obedient. It's worth the testimony you will gain. It's worth the hard times, because you will become stronger and you can use your experiences to benefit others. It's worth the refiners fire, because that is when you realize you cannot do it on your own. It's impossible to do it on your own. No matter how strong you think your testimony is, how well you think you know the scriptures, or how persuasive you think you can be. You cannot do it on your own. 
Your testimony of the basic principles of the gospel will be exponentially larger. If you don't realize the change in yourself, don't become discouraged. Heavenly Father sees your progression. Others see your progression, your family, friends, church leaders, your mission President, and those around you. You are progressing. Don't forget that. If you are doing what you are supposed to be going, you will progress. I think it's impossible to NOT progress if you are reading, and praying daily. 
Your weaknesses are shown so much more and are put under a magnifying glass. and thats okay.

Greatest lessons I learned:
First half: learned to love and what love is
Second half: learned about trusting in God and His will

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