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Hello everyone. Man I cant believe that we are in our last week of February... is that just crazy to me or all of you as well? This week went by quick. 
Monday we did a sisters pday activity in SLC and we went to a place called "Get out Games." Basically you are locked in a room and you have one hour to get out, by solving riddles, puzzles, finding codes, unlocking safes, etc. it was so much fun. But we didnt get out in time... we had one thing left. Then our ward mission leader took us out to dinner and it was so sweet of them. 
Tuesday was Valentines day! We went out heart-attacking everyone! It was so much fun. We only got caught in the act once. So it was pretty successful. We had a lesson with Hermana Salvatierra and a lesson with JosĂ© as well. He is progressing, poco a pocito. Our dinner put together a Valentine's party for us with decorations and everything. So sweet. Then we met with the bishop. 
Wednesday we went out walking. And we had a lesson with Matty! It was so great to meet with her again. Its been a while since we have been able to meet with her and she is still doing just great. We had dinner with an hermana from Brazil and we learned Portuguese! Eu fallo portuguĂ©s. 
Thursday helped Janice put tougher activity days projects that she is going to do. Then we went tracting and found some interesting people. We had another lesson with Jose and he said that he really wants to get baptized and now has a testimony of God and Jesus Christ. He is so great. Then in the evening we had a lesson with the Pavez family. They are the sweetest.
Friday was my last district meeting... so we had my funeral. It was really weird. We did weekly planning and then we made sopes with an hermana. It was fun and it was a lot easier than i thought. So family, i can actually make those! Then we had a ward valentines party and they played some games that were hilarious to watch. 
Saturday we had a lesson with Sabrina, and she basically put herself on date. She said "so when can i be baptized?" Funny thing, we already prayed about a date. So she will be baptized in April! In the afternoon we went down to SLC to watch a member do baptisms, but it was expired by a month... booo. So instead we watched "Gods plan for families" and did a tour of the conference center. Had dinner with bishop and his family. I love them. 
Sunday we went to mission prep and had ward council. And the ward actually listened to us and let us speak. It was great! Church was good. After we had a stake correlation meeting. I love this stake and Im so grateful that I have been able to serve with so many wonderful leaders. In the evening we had a few lessons. 
This week i studied about diligence. With diligence we have our priorities, and we focus on the most important ones. While there are many important things in our lives, there are some that need our attention first. There is a scripture that I LOVE. Its in 3 Nefi 13:33, and it says "But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you." It made me think of a quote that I love that says "If you haven't chosen the kingdom of God first, it will in the end not matter what you have chosen instead." To be diligent, i need to focus on what will help me return to live with Heavenly Father again and what I can do to help His kingdom.  
I love you all so much and I am so grateful for you! Have a great week!

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