I got in a fight with a flowerbed and I lost... // week 63

8:59 PM

How is everyone doing? This week was a good one. Lets begin. 

Monday was a very peaceful pday. We went shopping, came home and emailed and that's about it. The evening though was a little stressful. We have 4 lessons planned and some of them were family home evenings. So we were running around all over the place. But we made it work. 
Tuesday in the morning a member wanted to take photos of us for her photography company so we did that. I'll attach some of the photos below. It was way fun! In the afternoon we raked leaves. Yeah I'm not going to have trees in my future home, and if I do, the missionaries are going to come over and rake for me, and I will give them all of my friends to visit. We had a few lessons in the evening and it was great to be able to visit and see the power of the Book of Mormon in our lessons. 
Wednesday was Zone conference! (Trip to SLC #1) it was a really good conference. A lot stood out to me, specifically when we talked about Christlike attributes. Lately everything has been going back to gratitude. And we watched a video that I want all of you to watch: https://www.lds.org/media-library/video/2011-09-016-flecks-of-gold?lang=eng enjoy :) we had a family home evening with our stake president and he gave us cookies! They were SO GOOD 
Thursday I went with a member down to Salt Lake to see a counselor. It was a really good time. (Trip to SLC #2) she too talked to me about gratitude and the little miracles and wins every day. I have an embarrassing story for you all. It will explain the title of my email. So it was 8:45 at night. We were leaving someone's home and there are 5 stairs to walk down. It was very dark and I missed the last step. Well I fell on my butt, as expected, but on the way down my arm hit a flower bed pot thing and instead of it just falling, it fell directly on me.... I was COVERED in dirt, it was everywhere, pretty sure I was blowing dirt out of my nose for a good 3 days. Hermana Rolfson got a kick out of that and hermana Gavito was concerned for me. The difference between my companions. To make the situation even better we had a member who is preparing to go on his mission soon, and right before we were talking about how before our missions we thought missionaries were so put together and they had their lives in order, but that's not the case, and I proved that point. 
Friday we had district meeting (trip to SLC #3). Before we got into the meeting we get a call from President. Hermana Rolfson got her visa and is headed to Ecuador. We all had mixed emotions. In district meeting we talked about expounding on the scriptures we use. While it's great to use scriptures, they aren't going to help much if we don't explain them and relate the scriptures to our situations. We had pizza for dinner! 
Saturday was a packed day. We had a meeting with our bishop, then we had lunch and a lesson with a member. Did a member visit and some tracting, and the first door that answered let us in! He ended up being an inactive member that just completely stopped going to church one day. He said something interesting to us though, he said, "Be careful for what you pray for, it might come true. Prayer is a strong power." Had dinner with a member, tamales, they were so good. Then we went out and met with a few members spontaneously, then we went out with Isaac to do some more visits. And we had 3 lessons and they were all super powerful and spirit driven. It was a good day!
Sunday, guess what the lesson was about in gospel principles? ETERNAL MARRIAGE, and guess who everyone was using as an example, ME. I still have four months people! Marriage isn't happening for a long time.... oh my. Sunday was a really good day. We have an investigator that is really serious about being baptized, and she is only 11! Had tostadas for dinner! It was soooooo good!! 
Well this week has been busy. Hermana Rolfson is headed to Ecuador right now, I'm going to miss her. But I know the Lord has a plan for her. This next week is SO PACKED FULL. So it is going to go bye fast. Tortilla count thus far: 26. Love you all! Always remember the little wins and wonderful blessings we have each and every day! Have a great week! Email me, yes I'm that missionary that asks you to email...

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