’Just letting you know the fryer is turned off…...’ ‘WAIT, DOES THAT MEAN THERE’S NO BACON?!?!?!?!’ -Hermana Huxford at dinner // week 53

8:53 PM

Hello hello, umm lets just get right into it shall we...
Monday was super fun! So we hiked, well we actually drove most of it, but we went up to Francis Peak in our area as sisters for a pday activity. It was way fun! We got some awesome photos from it and it was a great view. You could see from Brigham City to Lehi. So basically our entire mission, and like 3 other missions. It was awesome! OOOOHHHHH and I had my first encounter with a rattle snake, you think being from Vegas I would have seen one in my life, but I honestly don't think I have until this hike. We were in the car so we were safe, but that was cool as well. (Photos of everything below) Then in the evening we did a family home evening where we followed up with a family about their missionary efforts and holy heck this family is awesome! They had so many names for us to send off to all parts of the world for missionaries to go and visit. President Spendlove always tells us that our mission should be the referral capital of the world, and well yeah it should be and this family was doing their part. 
Tuesday we biked and had a few lessons. At one of our lessons the lady we were teaching asked if we could have the elders come over to give her daughter a blessing because she was sick. So we called up the elders and set up for them to do that. It's really cool to see people still be open to the priesthood and its blessings even when they aren't active in church. You just can't deny that the power of God is on the earth today. So we went to that blessing and it was great. Just like they all are. We are also starting to help teach English classes, so we did that as well. 
Wednesday we went to the temple, and man oh man do I love the temple. We are so blessed to have not only 1 BUT 2 temples within our mission. So that was a wonderful experience and I was able to receive revelation that I needed, so that was nice. OH and some elders did some family names for me so that made it an extra special trip as well. Then we had lunch as sisters then had a few lessons in the evening. Oh and in the evening we did the "Bean Boozled" jelly bean challenge, where the jelly bean is either a good jelly bean (like peach) or a bad jelly bean (like barf) but you can't tell until you bite into it. One word for you, DISGUSTING. But we took a video and it was hilarious. 
Thursday we did service and we did, guess what? CANNING. Yeah it's usually weeding or canning or moving. So we did canning. It was fun though. I'm learning these life skills for later on in life. Had our last lesson with Santy, a cute little boy who is getting baptized because he turned 8. So it was good. 
Friday we had district meeting and focused on the importance of the Book of Mormon in our lessons and its power. 2/3 of our lessons in the evening fell through BUT we had 2 spontaneous lessons, so it all worked out. 
Saturday Santy got baptized. It was such a good baptism. I love going to baptisms, there is such a strong spirit there you can practically touch. Then we helped someone move in the afternoon and they provided us lunch, so that was very kind of them. We got two dozen doughnuts for free so we gave them all away to missionaries and members in our ward! In the evening we had a great lesson with a new investigator, and we asked him if he would get baptized once he knows the church is true, AND HE SAID YES. GUYS THE FAST IS WORKING. A month later and we found someone!!!! So we are excited to start working with Juan. And the best thing is, is that he has awesome neighbors who are members in our ward who are great with helping us with our lessons and everything. 
Sunday we had church at 1 because they switched in September #onlyinUtah. But it was weird. Then we had a ward BBQ and has some good food. Then we dropped 4 people in the evening, all in a day's work I guess. OH and in the evening a 4 year old little boy mooned us.... The next generation, I'm worried for them. 
We are still trying to get rid of all our Oreos, thankfully elders love Oreos, so we don't struggle too much to find a place to take them too haha. This week was a good week. The Lord is hastening His work and I am so grateful to be an instrument in His hands and to be able to witness the gospel change lives. I love my Savior, and I am so grateful that I can wear His name everyday. Love you all, have a great week. Never forget the importance of a handwritten letter to a missionary (it makes them feel loved)

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