sick days = stress days // week 40

10:49 AM

Where to begin.... i have no idea what happened this week.... so last week we had a zone pday activity where we played kick ball and ultimate frisbee and had a water fight. Hermana Thetford had a really bad allergy attack, or at least we thought it was an allergy attack. it turns out she got sick, which made for an interesting day on tuesday for me. I some how managed to find 5 different people to come out with me and stay with hermana thetford all day on Tuesday because she was not doing well. so her sick day was one of the most stressful days of my mission. but with lots of prayers and help from our District leader, we were able to make it all work. but then i got sick... not as bad though
Wednesday we had a car meeting for all the missionaries and we learned about the importance of our TIWIs and where they came from and why we have them. It was a good meeting. our mission was the first mission to have TIWIs. (for those of you who dont know what a TIWI is, it is a little box that is in our car that yells at us if we speed, aggressively drive, or if we dont wear our seatbelt) basically its a pain in the butt haha but all is well. 
Thursday we went to the temple because Hermana Thetford needed to recieve and answer for something and President gave us permission to go. So we went to the temple, then we drove down to Salt Lake so Hermana Thetford could talk to president. Then we had a few spontaneous lessons with some investigators! we were super excited about that! 
Friday we had another awesome district meeting. It was the last one of the transfer so it was a little sad, crazy t think that another transfer has already gone by. We then took a legendary district picture (THANK YOU SISTER DAYTON FOR THE INSPIRATION). We had dinner with Hermana Spears and her family, she is the daughter of our bishop, and it was great. We love that family because they have really helped out my companion with her health and they have been great. And their daughter, Ellie, she is the cutest and now that she remembers my name she likes to say it as much as she can when I am around! 
Saturday we cleaned our apartment because we had inspections, and we passed. Easiest apartment inspection of my mission. Then we went out and visited lots of people and rode bikes all afternoon. It was great! Then we went with our ward to go to the temple. And we did a session, IN ALL SPANISH. I was super nervous because it was my first time going through in Spanish, but it was great! I loved it!! I also got to see some Spanish elders from my past areas at the temple as well. So that was good. (And for those of you keeping track, that makes 5 temple trips in one transfer! That hasn't been done since I was in the MTC)
Sunday was Father's Day so we stayed up super late the night before baking cookies for the dads in our area. Church was great, as usual. We helped out in nursery for 2nd hour. And it was super funny because as missionaries we have a lot of rules with children and we were just very awkward with the kids because we didn't want to break any rules. Then an Hermana was like "Hermanas the spirit is here, Heavenly Father knows you are helping out, don't worry" haha all of our lessons canceled for the rest of the day, but that's because it's Father's Day. We had a great dinner at a members home. Mexican Tacos. They are the best. No more American tacos for me. 
Speaking of dinner so the family that we ate with, they are always so  great when we have a spiritual message at the end. The kids are always participating and answer questions and it's awesome to see. And it made me think that you can really tell a difference in the homes of families that teach their children the gospel and those that don't. Familias that teach their children the gospel is their home seem to have a different spirit that you can sense when you are in their home. It's peaceful and pleasant. The kids are more respectful and they actually pay attention during spiritual thoughts. I love seeing the difference with how families are when they have the gospel. It really goes back to the first few points we teach as missionaries. We have a loving Heavenly Father and the gospel He gives us blesses our families. IT IS SO TRUE. Our Heavenly Father has so much love for us, and because He has so much love, He wants to make us happy. So He gave us families, and to make it even better, He gave our families the gospel. This gospel truly blesses families. I have witnessed the change in my own family and I have witnessed the change in the families that I teach on the mission. I am so grateful for this gospel and that I can teach it to so many families here. 
I hope you have a great week! Thanks for the love and support and emails. Keep 'em coming! Oh and transfers are this week but nothing is happening with us EXCEPT we are moving districts and that makes us really sad... But that's okay. The Lord has a plan! This is Hermana Thetfords last transfer, so prepare for some AWESOME emails because we are going to KICK BUTT! Haha LES AMO MUCHO!!! 

image1.JPGOne of our splits decided to take a nap with Hermana Thetford 
The things we do to heal ourselves...
He thought she must be really sick if she wanted to run a marathon
I love this district so much. 
Kaysville Zone!! 

Con amor,
Hermana Olivas
Utah Salt Lake City Mission

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