Hindi music and a ride through Afghanistan // week 31

10:34 AM

How is everyone doing? Enjoying the warmer weather? This week we got the rain that most of you had last week... It has made it adventurous here! 
This week has been good. The work is picking up, which is awesome! Lots of tender mercies and little miracles. We got rained on a lot on Thursday when we had exchanges. I was soaked! But that's okay, that's where mission memories come from! But Im going to get rain boots for the future. My companion also got bit by a bird this week. Animals are fun sometimes. Nothing a little liquid bandage can't fix. 
We found a wonderful family of new investigators. They are in the elders area but we get to teach them because they want to learn from sisters... At the end of the first lesson the mom asked us if we could have a set time, twice a week, that we could come by and teach! What?!? Of course! So that was a miracle on exchanges. 
We also had another real cool experience. So we are teaching a 10 year old boy, Romelo, and he is so funny and very smart. He said to us one time: "some people call commandments commandments but I call them commitments, because you have to be committed to keep them." He's been having a hard time recognizing answers to prayers and knowing if it is the Holy Ghost or not. So we shared the "Hope of Gods light" with him (great video, go watch it!!). And at the end I felt prompted to ask him "can you relate to Todd from this video?" And he said yes. And I asked him why and he says, "I didn't always believe in God. I just thought he was made up." But we asked him what changed and he pointed to the Book of Mormon. What? He has only read the intro and part of the testimony of Joseph Smith and he says that it has changed his life. It was pretty great. And we had him say the closing prayer and in it he said that he believes the Book of Mormon to be true. It was a great miracle. 
Saturday was awesome! Cauleen got baptized!! She was just so happy, and it's amazing the faith and strength she has. It's pretty crazy what Satan will do to stop someone from getting baptized, because earlier in the week she got in a car accident, and received a minor concussion, but she still went through with the baptism, and even walked the 5 blocks to get there! Satan is powerful, but I know that our Heavenly Father and Savior are much more powerful. The baptism was great, somehow I got mixed into doing a musical number with the elders that taught her, but it went really well. We sang "Joseph's Smith First Prayer" and we did the third verse ACapella, and it was a super spiritual moment. Definitely reassured my testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith. Hopefully Dustin will be able to be baptized in a few weeks, he just has to go through a few interviews! 
Oh an explanation of the title: so we were heading downtown to go to Cauleen's baptism and we were waiting at a bus stop when a car pulls over and they ask us if we are going downtown, we said yes and they told us to get in. It was a fun car ride. They blasted Hindi music and they were from Afghanistan and their car smelled of foreign scents, like the good smells you smell when you go to a foreign restaurant or shop. And they barely spoke English  so our communication was interesting. Haha it was a fun time. 
I know that our Heavenly Father protects us at all times. For some reason even though I get into random peoples cars and my area is probably the worse part of Salt Lake, I'm not afraid. Don't get me wrong, we use our judgment, and we walk with purpose whenever we are in sketchy areas, but I'm not terrified for my life. We always have the protection of our loving Heavenly Father. 

P.s. Okay I have to tell you all a story about how my companion and I had the most epic rollercoaster of emotion Sunday evening. (Read all the way through) So we rode our bikes Sunday and all was well, a little windy but nothing we couldn't handle. So we lock up our bikes at the church before we went to a lesson in the trailer parks, because we didn't want to being our bikes to the trailer parks. We go and have a few lessons and we walk back so we could ride our bikes home. Well this is what we saw when we got to the church:

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