called to SERVE // week 43

10:53 AM

Okay today is absolutely insane so this is going to be short. This week looked a little like this: 
Monday-4th of July, already talked about that
Tuesday-had some lessons with less active members
Wednesday-we did service with the  YSA elders and our district leader. We taped a few rooms of a house to prep for painting and we started painting. They had the cut at little kids! We dropped some more of our investigators that were not progressing, gotta do what you gotta do. 
Thursday-hmmmm my companion practiced a song with her song group for zone conference and I went out with sister Nielsen and we partied in the Spanish program! 
Friday-zone training meeting. It was pretty good. afterwards we decided to be nice and pick up food for people for lunch because we had to practice songs for zone conference. Yeah it was crazy. So the zone leaders were supposed to ask the millers (an MLS couple) if they would sing instead of having two young missionary groups sing. So we see the millers and we APs the, if they are singing and they look at and us are like "ummm nope...." So we were asked last minute to pull together a song. It's been crazy. In the even no we had a super powerful, pivotal lesson with a less active lady. She didn't want to say the closing prayer, but I did not want her to get away with saying to us that she will do it next time. So I gave her the whole "well if you don't want to pray that's when you need to pray the most" spcheel that my parents give me haha AND IT WORKED. She prayed and poured out her heart and soul and sobbed to her Heavenly Father. So it was great seeing that change. 
Saturday-we woke up and instead of putting on skirts we put on service clothes, and we were in them ALL DAY. we had so many service projects to go to between all of the missionaries in our zone it was insane. But it was awesome. We helped people pack up a house, we watched people put together a garden be (we were late to that one), and we ended by doing some insane yard work for our members backyard. Goodness it was literally an atrocious mess. We didn't even get a third of the way done, but we are coming back on Wednesday. And our zone thought we were over exaggerating when we talked about their back yard, haha yeah everyone was shocked when they showed up. 
Sunday-we went to temple square for a lesson with on of our investigators, she is having trouble accepting Thomas S Monson as a prophet (but she accepts all other latter day prophets) so we have been working on her. 
Well that's my week. It's been crazy. We have zone conference tomorrow and I'm super excited to be uplifted and edified by President Spendlove. Umm, I love serving, not only by teaching others but by actually doing service! It's the best thing ever! Have a great week!! THis actually ended up being like the normal email size hehe
What I wanted to do after all of that service
image2.JPGA cute girl walked up to us and gave us flowers 
Elder Fuhriman told sister whitehead her outfit looked like a picnic, so we decided to have a picnic 
image4.JPGBlonde squad featuring sister whitehead
Best sign I saw on the 4th
image6.JPGSaying goodbye to sister fisher. We are going to miss that crazy little Asian sister! 
image7.JPGCan't do service without getting injured. Mainly just because an elder decided to take my leg for me...

Con amor,
Hermana Olivas
Utah Salt Lake City Mission

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