Spanish testimony meetings are the best // week 33

10:35 AM

I have a funny experience for you all to start off this email. So about a week and a half a go we had dinner at a members home and they made salsa. And it had some type of chile in it, like pieces. Well I wanted to be brave and eat the chili. Yeah bad mistake, it was so spicy I was crying and my mouth was on fire. It wasn't a fun experience. I have grown to really like spicy food, but not too spicy, and that was too much for my mouth haha. #strugglesofHermanaBlanca I'm just glad that I ate it at the very end of the meal so I was able to enjoy the meal. 
As a mission we are doing a Conference-to-Conference Book of Mormon reading challenge where we read 3 pages a day of the Book of Mormon and we are marking different items. In red we are marking anything that teaches and testifies of Christ and in blue we are marking anything that is done with the strength of the Lord. It has been really cool. We were supposed to start a week ago, but our zone leaders forgot to give us the papers, so this week we had to read 6 pages a day. Oh well! But it is awesome and we will be able to finish the Book of Mormon right before the October sessions of general conference! 
On Monday we had a really cool experience in the evening. We got off the Trax and we were headed towards an appointment when we see a man and an older woman struggling to get across the street because they had many large bags, and they looked very lost. So we stopped and asked if they needed help. They asked us about a direction and we didn't know where it was exactly, but we knew it was about a block or 2 away. We find out that the man just had a kidney replacement the previous Friday and was going to stay at a place for the Univeristy of Utah hospital patients to get better. So he couldn't carry the large bags, but we asked them if they needed our help to carry them the block to the Family Care center. They let us help them, after asking a few times. And we helped them check in and we put their bags into their room and when we were trying to leave, the mom wanted to pay us $20. We couldn't accept it, but before they left they said that they were very grateful to Heavenly Father for sending them 2 angels to help them in their time of need. Now, it's not the first time someone has called me an angel, but it makes me uncomfortable every time, but it makes me think that whenever we do service we are just an extension of Heavenly Father's hands. He can't come down and serve His children all of the time, so He serves His children through His other children. And He just so happened to put us in their path in their time of need, and I am so grateful for that. When we left, they accepted our card and they want us to come by and teach them. So we shall see how that goes. It was a very cool moment to be able to help some strangers when they needed it the most. 
Tuesday we got a text from the senior missionaries that come and inspect our apartment to tell us that they were coming tomorrow. So we spent Tuesday night cleaning our apartment... What a terrible text to get as a missionary...
Wednesday we had an adventure downtown to get my prescription. To get downtown we have to take a bus and two Trax trains to get to Walgreens. On the way there, there was this guy that walks up to me and says "I like your eyes..." It was kind of creepy but weird stuff like that doesn't faze me any more since serving on North Temple! It makes for fun stories later on with compa. Then we ran into 4 sets of elders and Hermana Ribucan was able to run into an Elder that served in her home ward a year ago and is now going to school here. After a long adventure at Walgreens, three phone calls to my mom (yes I had permission, and yes it was really weird), we headed back to Rose Park. But we got lunch on the way at a great Mexican place called "Mexican Grill Barbacoa" and it's the closest thing I will get to Chipotle for the next year. It's not authentic Mexican food though. And afterwards we stopped by a bakery downtown and got some delicious chocolate croissants. Wednesday evening a member called us asking if we could go visit a member with him, but we couldn't because we had lessons set up so we had to decline. Our lesson fell through so we went to our back up plan to visit a less active lady and in the middle of our lesson, this member knocks on the door. Turns out he was asking us to come with him to visit this less active lady. Talk about inspiration to visit her. So he joined in the lesson and we left after that. Haha it was awkward for about 2 minutes when Hermana Ribucan and I realized what happened. 
Friday was our last district meeting of the transfer. And it was Elder Jimenez's last district meeting EVER as a missionary/district leader (since he goes home in a week and this Friday we have zone training meeting). So after district meeting we had a district lunch/party. We ordered pizzas, compa and I brought brownies, and we had a great lunch together. It was super fun. We just talked about the great things we have seen this transfer and shared lots of funny stories and videos. At the end Elder Haight, one of our assistants to President Spendlove, (who is in our district), wrote some songs for Elder Jimenez. Haha it was pretty great. I'll attach the video below. (And just so you know being "trunky" is when a missionary is just ready to get home and basically stops working. He really isn't trunky though.) But on Friday we were able to receive 2 new investigators! They seem great and really interested in learning more! So we are excited to start working with them. Oh and we got a text letting us know that we are moving tomorrow morning, so I will be on apartment number 4 and I haven't even been out half way yet haha. I don't like packing as a missionary.
Sunday was Testimony meeting and let me just tell you, I LOVE testimony meeting in the Spanish ward. People are very enthusiastic and they don't hold ANYTHING back. Sometimes it's super funny, but it's always spiritual. I just love Hispanic people and their cultures. Oh and Elder Jimenez and Anderson came to our ward because it was Elder Jimenez's first area so he wanted to say goodbye to everyone. Let's just say that he is a celebrity in our ward. 
Saturday evening we were walking home after a lesson and we had about a mile to walk and we walk past a church building and compa kicks a pine cone towards me, so for the next mile we literally kick this pine cone all the way home. At the end we start relating it to enduring to the end (the last part of the gospel of Jesus Christ). Sometimes the pine cone would get stuck in the grass and it would take us a few kicks to get it back on the side walk or we would miss the pine cone completely (mostly me) or most of the time it wouldn't go where we wanted it to go. But we had a goal in mind, our apartment, and we had an objective, work together to kick the pine cone all the way there. And we reached our goal. Sometimes it was super frustrating, most of the time though we were just laughing too hard about what we were doing and how terrible I am at soccer. And that's how life it. We have times when we get stuck, where it takes us a few tries to get back on track, or we don't go where we want to go. But if we work with our teammates, Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father, we can reach our goal. We just have to have faith that we can make it and know that it's okay if we mess up. If we keep trying to get back on track, we can do it. It won't always be easy or fun, but we can make the best of it and it will be possible with the gospel of Jesus Christ. That's what enduring to the end is. It is when we keep trying, even after we fail. It is when we have a positive attitude and we keep going, and with Christ's help we can over come any obstacle and reach any goal. 
I love this gospel and the happiness that it can bring. I know that this church and gospel are true. I know that through Jesus Christ we can over come any obstacle in our path. It isn't going to be easy, but it will be worth it in the end when we can have eternal life and live with our families for time and all eternity. Love you all! Thank you for the love, support, and prayers! Have a great week! I would love to hear from you all!

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