Muscle energy testing // week 36

10:38 AM

I hope you all had a fantastic week. School is almost out so that's super exciting! This week was great! It went bye super fast but we put our shoulders to the wheel and worked hard! 
We've had some pretty funny experiences this week. We have been trying to bike as much as possible and one day we locked up our bikes and we went around visiting people for about an hour. We go back and start riding and something didn't feel right. I stop and realize that my back tire is completely flat. So we stop and start walking to Main Street so we can get to a bike shop. Which is super far away. And we had an appointment in 45 minutes to get to. So we are walking and this MLS couple and some elders were sitting in a car in the parking lot we walked by and said "wouldn't it be faster to ride the bikes?" Haha very funny. Long story short the MLS couple took us and our bikes back to our house. #MIRACLE. We got home tried to pump up my tire, didn't work. So a few days later we took my bike to Bountiful Bike (even though it's in Kaysville it's called Bountiful bike, idk) and they fix up my tire and we find out that the valve cap that is usually on the outside keeping the air in was actually in my tube and popped it. But I did have a valve cap on the outside. I'm just blaming the elders for that one. So I was checking out and about to pay and this guy walks in and says "put it on my tab." So I got my bike fixed for free! I love Davis County!!
So my companion has health problems where certain foods cause immense pain in her intestinal region. She has no idea what's up and doctors cannot figure it out. So she has to eat super healthy and be careful with what she eats. So on Tuesday we went over to Hermana Spears home. She is the bishops daughter and she is all about clean eating and alternative medicine to resolve conflicts in the body. We passed by to get some essential oils for my companion and we were chatting with her and she has some people over for her business and one of the guys pipes up and says that he does muscle energy testing to find out the cause of health problems. He asked my companion if he could run an exam on her. And this is where it gets interesting. So we sit down and he explains that he connects with our spirits to find out the cause of problems with people. Because we are all children of our Heavenly Father and we are connected to His spirit, all of our spirits are connected to each other. So he starts going through the process and asks my companion if he could connect to her spirit. She gives permission. I'm just sitting off to the side wondering what we got ourselves into. For some reason he was super nervous and needed to pray and go off to the side and try to feel more comfortable. He keeps going but is struggling. I go to the restroom and pray that Heavenly Father will bless me that I can have a positive attitude about this and that I wouldnt interfere with this guys thing. Go back out and not even 5 minutes later he says "woah I feel much better, the connection is better, something change." So I pipe up and say that it was probably my fault because I wasn't really believing in what he was doing.... Moral of the story is, prayer can help you when you feel uncomfortable and help the spirit around you preside. Everything worked out and my companion has some more ideas of what can be the cause of her health problems. 
Sunday we had a super sweet experience. We were locking up our bikes and this man comes out of his house and catches us before we leave. He says to us "sisters I'm just so happy to see you. Just seeing you makes my day better!" It was so sweet. I love being a missionary and making people's days better! 
Thursday we went to the temple as a zone and it was awesome! I just love the temple and the spirit that is felt there. I know I have said this before, but I'll say it again, it truly is the house of God. 
We have been trying to talk to EVERYONE. And let me tell you, it's hard. But we were biking and I saw this guy on the side of the street just chilling on his motorcycle, I felt prompted to talk to him, but let it pass and kept on riding. We are done visiting people and we start heading back out and he is still there. So I got that prompting again. I told my companion that we needed to turn around and talk to this guy. So we do. His name is Braiden, and he isn't a member (this is a miracle in an of itself). We start talking to him and we find out that he has grown up in Utah, used to go to church when he was super young, and he doesn't really believe in God right now. We testify to him that we know that God and Christ live. They listen to our prayers and we truly can have a relationship with them. It was a really powerful and spiritual moment. We invited him to pray to start having this relationship with God. He said he is going to do that. 
I know prayers are answered and that Heavenly Father and Christ really do care. They love us and know what's best for us. I love you all! Have a great week! Pray everyday and notice how your life changes!! 

image1.JPGKaysville Zone
image2.JPGTemple with my beautiful companion 
image3.JPGGetting my bike fixed...
image4.JPGWhen your companion gets a package from her mom, and you get something as well :)

Sorry for the lack of photos this week! Have a great week! 

Con amor,
Hermana Olivas
Utah Salt Lake City Mission

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