#HALLELUJAH // week 28

10:31 AM

Hola querido familia y amigos. 
This past week has been full of awesome adventures! Okay where to begin... On Wednesday there was a lot of running involved. We made an appointment with a lady for later in the week and we were leaving her house and started to walk west when we see this little dog sprint towards us. We bend down trying to get it to come to us so we could save it and bring it home because we thought it was lost. Well our idea was a little more complicated than we anticipated... We ended up chasing the dog around for 20 minutes or so and about 3 blocks. We finally corner the dog between a car and a fence and pick him up. We look at his tag and find out he lives at the house we made our appointment with.... We basically chased him away from his home... Then later that night we were walking to the church building and stopped to talk to Elder Esparza and Connor and there were these kids at the park acting like zombies. We part ways with the elders and turn around to three zombies on their hands and knees in the street. We try to walk around them and my companion says to the elders "aren't you going to save us?" We attempt to avoid these zombie kids but they start chasing us. So we ran, no sprinted, to the church building and as soon as we enter the church parking lot they turn around. The church saved us! So we were literally chased by zombies, our ward mission leader was right when he said our area haha. The next day we are walking to a lesson or something and some kids come up to us and ask "do you remember us?" Well to be honest we didn't, and they say "we were the zombies that chased you last night!" They filmed it and everything, so we might be on YouTube some time in the future, we shall see. So we took a photo with them haha. 
On Saturday Hermana Ribucan and I had the opportunity to go to a baptism of an old investigator of ours. Eddy and Marlon. I taught them in the Mount Ensign 3rd Ward my first transfer here, so back in October. And Hermana Ribucan taught Eddy (the mom) when she first was on her mission a year ago. And now they finally got baptized! It was so great and they were both so happy! After the baptism Eddy stood up and bore her testimony. She thanked us as missionaries for our time we spent with her to help her learn more about the gospel. It was a great experience! Afterwards we went to lunch and while there, there were these cute girls that came up to us and said "when we grow up we want to be sister missionaries just like you!" CUTEST MOMENT EVER. I love being a missionary in Utah! 
Okay I have a challenge for all of you. I want to invite you to go to this website: followhim.mormon.org and watch the video called "#Hallelujah" then I would like to invite you to share the video on Social Media. I love this video for the message that it shares.  I know that Christ lived. He was born and he died. But there was something different. He raised from the dead; He was resurrected. And because of His resurrection we can be resurrected one day. One day we will have a perfect body just like our Heavenly Father and Savior, Jesus Christ. And we will be able to live with our families for all time and eternity. Easter is a time for us to reflect on the life of Christ, and how through His life there is life for us again after death. It's not about the Easter Bunny and finding Easter eggs, while that may be fun, we need to truly remember the reason behind Easter and why we celebrate it. I just want to shout to the entire world "Hallelujah!" I love my Savior. I love being on a mission and having this opportunity to help others have this joy of knowing they have a Savior that loves them. Hallelujah, we have a Savior. He lives and He loves us. I can't wait to meet Him and thank Him, in person, for what He has done for me. 
Love you all! Have a great week! Let me know what you think about the new video for Easter! I would love to hear from you! 
image1.JPGOur zombies
Finally caught Louie! 
Zone service project 
image5.JPGWe have an ice cream stash at the church...
image9.JPGThe places we go for wifi to sync our iPads...

Con amor,
Hermana Olivas
Utah Salt Lake City Mission

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