"I was born in the harvest of the corn..." // week 27

8:06 PM

Hola familia y amigos! Espero que ustedes tuvieron una buena semana. Esta semana en Rose Park fue muy bien. 
We went on exchanges this week so I went to Sister Berretts area this week. She serves in a northern nicer park of Rose Park in English. Let me tell you the English program is weird haha but we had so much fun! We just laughed all day and got along really well! We had some really funny experiences especially at dinner. We ate a Philipino's home for dinner and the grandma was just so cute and funny. The mom was telling us that when she was younger she would ask her grandma when she was born and her grandma would respond with "I was born in the harvest of the corn." We about died laughing! We also had an awesome lesson with one of their investigators that is getting baptized on Saturday about the priesthood, his name is Jeff and he is so ready to be baptized it's amazing. We also got cookies from some sweet members! 
We have had a lot of help from random members this week. On Monday we walked to the grocery store, biggest mistake ever because we had to walk back. So we were struggling and this member pulls over and says: "so you don't know me but I'm a member, do you want a ride?" YES PLEASE at that moment we wouldn't have cared if it was a member or not haha and then a few days later we were walking to dinner and running late and this cute Samoan old lady pulled over and offered us a ride as well! So I love random members! 
On Monday we went grocery shopping and we bought bananas. We put the bananas in the fridge but earlier that day my companion turned the fridge to be colder, so one day later we look at our bananas and they are brown/black and rock hard, THEY FROZE. So we killed our bananas but have no fear they did not go to waste. We asked our ward mission leader to look up a banana bread recipe for us since we can't use the Internet and we made banana bread! So when life gives you brown gross bananas you make banana bread! It was a lot of fun. And we didn't have a few things we needed so we got creative, pictures below :)
We had a dinner at a sweet members home and we were talking about our area and the gangs here and one of the sons, who served his mission in Texas says, "well the gang members here are just inactive Hispanic members and inactive polys they don't bother missionaries..." It was really funny because he just said it really casually. 
And right now the weather is nice enough that we don't need to wear tights but yesterday my companion thought I was wearing white tights because my legs are that white... Then we got poured on yesterday and were freezing, but it was fun! 
So these past few weeks my companion and I have been doing a 40 day general conference challenge where we read a general conference talk a day leading up to general conference. And let me tell you I have read some AMAZING talks. And these are talks I probably would have NEVER read because they are from the 70's and earlier. But they still apply to us today. If I didn't look at the year of the talks I would think that they were just given, they are that relevant to us. I know that general conference is the time for us to listen to our living prophets and apostles. General conference is basically modern day scripture, and it's written for us. I know that Thomas S Monson is a living prophet of God. He receives revelation, along with all of the general authorities, for the people of the earth today. If we follow them and their guidance we will be on the correct path. They communicate with Heavenly Father for us. We may not agree with everything they say and guide us to do, but if we follow them with obedience we will be blessed. 
Les amo mucho! Disfruta su semana! Next week there is going to be an awesome Easter video that will be available to everyone to watch. So on the 13th make sure you go to followhim.mormon.org and watch and share the video! 
Con amor,
Hermana Olivas
Utah Salt Lake City Mission

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