"It's like prison, but we choose to stay...." Hermana Mulloy // WEEK 2

3:31 PM

Holahola! Life at the MTC is grand, I can't complain. But the title of this email is very true! This past week hasnt been that exciting. So sorry if this email is boring. All of our days are the same. But I will tell you about our district! (i am attaching a picture of our district so you can match faces with descriptions) All of the guys are straight from High School (they are babies, so precious)

(on the ground from right to left)
Elder Simmons: He is from Vegas as well! He actually knows Cole Ballard, small world, but he went to Centennial. He is going to Seattle WA for his mission. Super nice. We call him Mad Eye Moody sometimes because his right eye is completely blind from a soccer accident. His companion is
Elder Anderson: He is from Indiana going to Portland Oregon. We all have "The Office" characters that we reflect. He reflects Oscar. Its way funny. At first he was super quiet, but now he is not. 
Middle row (from right to left) 
Hermana Mulloy: Is from Spanish Fork. She went to BYUI for a year before she came. She is super talkative, but has an amazing spirit. Love her. Her companion is 
Hermana Ames: We get along really well! She is very similar to my in personality. She went to USU before the mish. She and her companion are going to Venture CA. 
Me and my comp Hermana Brown
Then there is Elder Knowlton: He is the Dwight of our group. He is super funny and brings us laughter when we need it. He does some amazing impersonations of Obama and one of the teachers at the MTC. His companion is 
Elder McConkie: He is from SLC, so I will be serving where he lives. He plays the piano AMAZINGLY. he is our district leader. You can describe in this statement. He ironed his t-shirt (like a normal tshirt) because it had some wrinkles haha. He is great though
Top Row (from right to left)
Elder Manning: He is going to Lubock Texas along with Elder Knowlton, McConkie, and his comp Geddes. I dont know him to well because he has been in and out of the hospital and doctors office with kidney inflamation. Fun fun His comp is 
Elder Geddes: He is very loud. Sometimes its kinda annoying. But he has a good heart. He is from South Jordan, I think. There are so many towns in Utah its too hard to keep track. 
Then there is Elder Porter: He is from South Ogden going to Anaheim CA. He always says "Por que?!?!?" and "Mi corazon!!!" We make fun of each other a lot. His comp is 
Elder Higgs: He is very much like Creed from the office haha. But he is interesting. He love Japanese anime and the language. So spanish is hard for him. But he is a funny guy

Thursday: The temple was AMAZING!! So nice to be able to do a session. We met a guy after our session and he was hilarious. My favorite quote from his was "The church is so freaking true its not even funny... You are a freaking representative of Jesus Christ." Anyways he made our day! 
Friday: Plot twist. Leonor is our teacher! It is hard to see her as Hermana Boyce and not Leonor anymore. We learned how to say "hello" in Korean because we made friends with some elders going to Korea. We got to leave the MTC because I had to get a Z-pack for my sickness. It was nice getting out of the MTC walls. We played investigators and the elders that taught us made us cry. how precious
Saturday: Service in the morning. But I have a funny story. Hermana Boyce was telling us how it was being an investigator for us. when she was being taught by Elder Knowlton and Elder McConkie, they wanted to share Moroni 10:4-5 (https://www.lds.org/scriptures/bofm/moro/10.4-5?lang=eng) but accidentally shared Ether 10: 4-5 (https://www.lds.org/scriptures/bofm/ether/10.11?lang=eng) SO FUNNY!!! Then when they shared that with her she said "es verdad?" and they, not knowing that they shared the wrong verse cause it was in spanish) said "Si es verdad!" that was funny. I fell down today, i love embarrassing myself...
Sunday: Mission conference. We got there super early so we were in front row. Then we had our temple walk. Then we had a devotional by the Provo Temple president. And then watched "Following the spirit" (or something along that line) by Bednar. SO GOOD go watch it.
Monday: We taught Hely. She accepted baptism! YAY! We had a grammar lesson and taught members. It was good. We talked about the example of Christ and being examples. 
Tuesday: Elder Knowlton and I were perfectly color coordinating. I attached a picture. Our companions had to be in the picture so we made it work. We had choir practice (yes I am still singing in the choir) we sang "More Holiness Give thee" great song. I saw Alexis Brimhall/Ellis. So good to see a familiar face!
Wednesday: nothing at all. 

I have 2 funny stories though!
We were working with our district in random pairs and we were talking in spanish. I was with Elder Porter and he looks at me and says "I cant take you seriously, you are too much of a white girl...." thanks porter
Then a few days later Elder Knowlton was sitting in the middle of the room giving each of us compliements. For me he said "Hermana Olivas you speak better spanish than me... and most of our class" and then porter says to himself "yeah but she sounds so white."
So thats me in a description. I can speak really well but I sound so white. 
I attached a great analogy that was discovered by Knowlton in our pictures!! 

Thanks for the packages and emails and Dear Elders. They make my week! Love you all!!

con amor,
Hermana Olivas

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