General Conference, the day the MTC died, and tears // week 7

6:57 PM

Hola everyone! This week has been good! I safely made it to SLC

Thursday: last temple day. It was so good.

Friday: in field orientation ALL DAY. It was a long day but it was
very informational. Made me pumped for the field.

Saturday: GENERAL CONFERENCE! I loved it. We got to watch it as an
entire MTC. I really enjoyed president Uchtdorf's talk. The gospel is
amazing. I would love to hear some of your favorite talks. If you
didn't watch it, go to and watch it! Oh and do you remember
how a general authority visited my district a few weeks ago, well he
spoke at General conference! It was Elder Montoya. He was hard to
understand but great none the less.

Sunday: long long day. I forgot my name tag in the morning for TWO
HOURS and no one noticed... After 6 weeks you would think I would
always remember it oh well haha. We watched the spoken word, then
General conference, then we had a departing devotional. Then we had an
AMAZING devotional. BYU Vocal Point came and sang for us. The MTC was
very excited to say the least. It was a great way to end devotionals
at the MTC.

Monday: long weird day. Our district got up at 3:20 am to drop off
companions or to leave for the field. It was kinda sad. The rest of
the day it was just Elders Porter and Simmons and then me. It was the
only time where we would be companions with the opposite sex haha it
was a good day. We learned a lot from our teachers.

Tuesday: I was with another district for the morning because the 2
elders from my district left early in the morning. But after lunch it
was finally my turn to leave the MTC. We took a bus to the train
station. Then left for SLC. It was great. There was only one other
Spanish speaker going to salt lake with us. So we both sat down next
to a lady and contacted her. ALL IN SPANISH. It was awesome. We then
met our mission president, walked around temple square, and saw the
prophets house. At the temple it was so cute, we were talking as a
group and this family walked by and one of the little boys said "look
it's the missionaries." Everyone notices you.

Wednesday: got my trainer. Her name is Hermana Platt and she is from
Allen, TX. And she has been out for a year. It's so funny, whenever
she talks in Spanish or street contacts people, her voice goes up like
3 octaves. I placed a Libro de Mormon (basically I gave a random
person a Book of Mormon)

Thursday/Friday/Saturday: we went out teaching. And I witnessed a
miracle. Ana Maria had her 1st lesson with us. She already knows the
Book of Mormon and the church are true. AND she accepted my invitation
to be baptized. It was amazing #goldeninvestigator

Sunday: I was able to attend my spanish branch and ward. It was good. Much needed day. Both the ward and branch are really small. So that is kind of sad. About 50 people in each, when there is well over 100 members on record. So hopefully I can change that all around.

All has been well though in Salt Lake City. My area covers the Mount
Ensign 3rd ward in the Salt Lake Stake and the Liberty Park branch in
the Liberty stake. Both are Spanish areas, but our areas are actually
two stakes. So it is quite large. We have a car for that reason. We live right by West High. It is a very large school...

If you would like to send letters you can send it to this address:
Hermana Kaitlynn Olivas
Utah Salt Lake City Mission
1535 S Edison St
Salt Lake City, UT 84115

I only get mail on Fridays though. I am really excited for what's to
come! Love you all and thanks for the support!

The picture is of me and my district with our branch president from the MTC. If you look closely you can notice that I do not have my tag on. Only me.

Mosiah 4:9
Philippians 4:13

con amor,
Hermana Olivas

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