Mi Corazon! // Week 3

3:34 PM

Hola! Everyone! Hope all is well in the world with cell phones and television. To be honest I don't miss my cell phone at all. I have a few questions/requests for you all though. 

1) Has anyone heard about Garth Tesch and his mission call? I would like to know where he is going and when he leaves.
2) Has anyone seen the picture of the missionaries walking and they have "angels round about them"? I would really like to have that picture.
3) does anyone know of the hymn that goes through the plan of salvation verse by verse? 
Thank you! 
This week hasnt been that exciting. It is all the same everyday. But here is a rundown of the week:

Thursday: We went to the temple as a district and all did a session together. It was great as usual. It will be really cool to see everyone again.
Friday: Funny story, my companion can make a walrus noise with her breathing and she made that noise and made another elder from the other district spit his water all over his companion. It was great. I learned how grateful I am to be speaking spanish and NOT russian. The Lord knows our strengths and I am blessed to speak english. 
Saturday: I MEMORIZED THE FIRST VISION IN SPANISH. It is so powerful to be able to recite it without reading it. 
Sunday: We watched the video series on lds.org called "Finding the Light" (or something similar) by David A Bednar. So good go watch. Then we had a devotional by the MTC admisitrative person. It was good. Afterwards we watched "Becoming a missionary" by David A Bednar. As you can tell we all like him a lot. 
Monday: We had to take a learning assessment of spanish. It was rough, but it was good. I have come a long way with my spanish since the first day. I had a great personal revelation about the importance of Sacrament. So with our investigator she was telling us how her Priest takes the sacrament for the entire congregation. I thought that was weird and sad because the Sacrament represents the Atonement. The Atonement is so personal and intimate, and so is the Sacrament. It is our time to think about our Savior and the sacrifice he did for us. It rained on Monday! I love the rain. And then at night our district taught an investigator together. Our teacher would pause the lesson and switch out people. I taught with Elder McConkie and we were able to discuss the 1st vision and Joseph Smith. It was so spiritual. 
Tuesday: Vinicio (one of our investigators) accepted baptism. But he mumbled and I couldnt understand what he said, so I thought he said that he didnt want to get baptized, so I said "porque?" so I questioned him as to why he wanted to get baptized. It was funny but my teacher actually said that it is okay to ask people why they want to get baptized. We had a devotional by Sister Rosemary Wixom, she is the General Primary President, best devotional by far. At the end we sang "We Will Bring the World His Truth." Brought tears to my eyes. 
Wednesday: Our district was chosen out of ALL the districts in the MTC to be taught by a general authority. His name is Elder Montoya. He is a member of the 70, but is in training right now and a part of his training is talking to a district in the MTC and he chose ours. It was great. One thing I really loved that he talked about was this statement: "This is the REAL LIFE." After our missions we shouldnt change how we act from now. We should always, pray, read our scriptures, and strive to have the Holy Ghost with us. 

Funny quote of the week:
"You know you have been in the MTC for too long when you have watched all of the Mormon Messages there are..." -Elder Bennett

Sorry if my emails are long. I am trying to shorten them, but I love it here. I love asking people to say the name of their church in their mission language. The church is the same everywhere but the language is different. Its great. Go watch the 12 step videos the church put out about addiction. THEY ARE SO GOOD and powerful. #12stepstochange they are on youtube or mormonchannel.org

My pictures arent exciting this week. 

con amor,
Hermana Olivas

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