#cómounjefe // week 4

3:35 PM

Hola people outside of the MTC fortress,

How is everyone doing? I love getting emails from you all, so keep it up! This week has been pretty crazy and mellow all at the same time. I feel like that is only possible as a missionary... Lots of sickness but that is life. I mean if you don't get sick more than once were you even at the MTC? 

Friday/Saturday: I didnt write in my journal because I was sick. But I can tell you that I went to class and learned spanish and taught people...

Sunday: Lloyd Newell came for the devotional. For those of you who do not know who he is, he is the Mormon Tabernacle Choir director. He also is the one that "narrates" general conference every year. So we did the MTC and the Spoken Word. We sang a song, he talked about the song, and the it was repeated... It was really fun. 

Monday: For personal study I read "Safety for the Soul" by Jeffrey R Holland. It was really good. Go read it. Virginia accepted baptism! YAY. We taught some other Elders in our branch about temples. It was really good and in all spanish. Preterit vs. Imperfect shall be the death of me.... oh spanish....

Tuesday: 2 words: PINK EYES. Yes in both eyes. so fun.... I read "His Grace is sufficient" by Brad Wilcox. I love that man. he is truly inspired. We had a devotional by Elder Cardon from the 70. Muy bien. Sad to hear about Richard G Scott. Even in the MTC you wont hear about church news until hours later.... 

Wednesday: So this day was great. I dont know if the Garfield family gets my emails BUT if they dont please pass this along to them. So I said a little prayer during my lesson that I could see Jared Garfield today because he was entering the MTC. After our lesson my companion and I walked a different way and I RAN INTO JARED literally the second he entered the MTC. So Garfield family, your son is good, I probably scared him because I was excited that I saw him, but he is good and looks happy. I also saw my friends that I met on Facebook going to my mission. So I am no longer the lone wolf going to Salt Lake City. In our spanish classes we have to run stairs if we say an english word... oh joy.

This week has been great. Crazy to think I only have 10 days left here before I go out into the field. I am so excited. Have a great week everyone.   

con amor,
Hermana Olivas

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