"It's really nice living by temple square, until there is an event... Then it's a pain" -Sister Platt // week 9

3:43 PM

Hello friends and loved ones,
How is life with news and non-restricted internet sites?
Thanks so much for the emails, they truly make my week. I try to write
back to everyone right away but I run out of time. So if I don't email
you, please know that I do appreciate your emails and I will try to
write you back eventually!
This week has been good. The weeks get better and better!
We had some great lessons with investigators and less active members.
The spirit is so powerful. I may not be able to understand a lot that
goes on in church or lessons but I can still feel the spirit. The Lord
speaks in a universal language, through the Spirit.
One day we went to the homeless shelter because we had some referrals
for there. We made sure to go during the day. We met some really nice
people, who always told us to be safe and watch out for ourselves in
this area. One gentleman did come up to us and asked us if we could
give his wife a blessing. We told him that we were not able to because
we do not hold the priesthood power of God, only worthy men of the
church can do so. So that was kind of funny, first time I was ever
asked to give a blessing, and hopefully the last haha
Whenever we street contact people that do not speak Spanish get really
thrown off with the title Hermana. People think my companion and I
have the same first name. It's always entertaining trying to explain
to people that hermana is just Spanish for sister.
I was told by 2 different people this week that I look younger than
19... One of the people that told me that, is 18 but he looks like he
could be 21.
We met this adorable family by accident this week. We had a referral
for their house. We knocked on the door and the dad answers. They just
moved here from Mexico 4 months ago. They were in a different part of
SLC but moved into our area 2 months ago. We were able to tell them
about our branch, the one that they should be going to, and we met
their girls Addy (5) and Soy (7). They are the cutest member family. A
few days later we were in the area with a primary teacher. We went by
the family's house to introduce the girls to a primary teacher. When
the dad answered the door he yelled for his two girls that the
missionaries were here. The girls came out screaming "las
misioneras!!!" And then they hugged us and gave us sweet notes. That
is why I love being a missionary. Even though we have rough days and
lessons fall through there are still sweet girls that look up to us. I
want to be an example to them and to everyone I meet. As a missionary
people look at you differently. Everyone notices you. We are
representatives of not only the church, but also of our families, but
most importantly examples of our Heavenly Father and Christ.
One last thing. Last night we were able to go to a devotional called
Luz de las naciones. It was amazing. David archuleta sang at the
devotional, so that was obviously great. And D Todd Christofferson
spoke as well. He is fluent in Spanish. It was all in Spanish. Then
after the devotional was over my companion and I went to the restroom,
and guess who I saw  MADELINE FOUTZ. Oh my it was so good to see
someone from home, especially someone that is such a good example to
me of missionary work. It was definitely a tender mercy from my Father
in Heaven.
Hope everyone is doing well. Please look for the blessings from your
Heavenly Father. They are there, I promise. Sometimes it takes a
little faith to recognize them. Love you all have a great week!

Con mucho amor

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