Stuff Spreads Pretty Fast at the MTC // Week 1

10:00 AM

Hola familia y amigos!

Como estan? Mi tiempo en el CCM es bueno!
Sickness is what I am referring to when I talk about what spreads fast...
My district is AMAZING. I love them all so much, I just wish I would hug them all and it kills me that we cant hug each other. Pero everyone feels like family.
This week was bueno y mucho long. I'll just go day by day. 

Wednesday: I got dropped off. It was kind of hard, but since then I havent cried about missing my family. I then got my name tag and became an "official" missionary. I dropped off my stuff and then went to my classroom and met my companion. Her name is Hermana Brown. She's great, kinda crazy. There are 4 hermanas y 8 Elders in my district (group of missionary companionships) that we are with for at least 13 hours a day. I saw Bradley Koch and Carly Campbell. Also one of my sister training leaders here was in my mission prep class at SUU.

Thursday: I saw Spencer Messina. And Sam Woodbury, I went to middle school with him, but he doesnt recognize me so I didnt talk to him. We learned about getting to know the people we teach and how to teach with the spirit. My district is so loud and funny. Elder Knowlton is the one that usually makes us laugh the hardest. Picture Dwight from the office and thats him. My monster voice was discovered by accident haha. For those of you who dont know what that is, its not important, but its funny. I was also called to be senior companion, which doesnt mean anything here. But if you want a good laugh in the MTC cafeteria, just yell "hey Elder" EVERY ELDER will turn there head. My companion did that a few times. Oh and DONT DRINK THE ORANGE JUICE. An elder in my district got sick, so really dont drink it. 
Friday: We learned more spanish phrases and i get really frustrated at times becasue I dont know how to say what I want to. There are a lot of harry potter jokes in our district. Nothing much happened, just lots of classroom time. 

Saturday: We did a service project, but the other hermanas and I got lost becasuse these buildings are confusing. i saw Braeden Van Alfen. Its so hard to remember what happens everyday, even with my journal, all of the days are basically the same. An elder in our district wasnt feeling well so the other elders gave him a blessing and I creid because it made me so happy that these 18/19 year old boys may be so goofy but they hold an amazing power becasue of their worthiness. 

Sunday: FINALLY! I love sundays here. Honestly, if you make it until Sunday, it gets better after that. Church was really good. We also had our temple walk and it was great to get outside of the MTC fortress. I love the provo temple. We had MTC choir practice. Yes I joined the choir, laugh all you want family but It is paying off :) we then had a devotional and then watched "The Character of Christ" by David A Bednar, go watch it 

Monday: I had a fever... But I am getting better. We taught an "investigator" (Hely) she is from Guatemala and is so sweet. It was alright. The spirit helps out a lot. My companera is struggling with spanish while I am actually succeeding (4 years of spanish finally pays off) We taught our other investigator again, she is not paying attention when we teach her. Its kinda annoying. Today Elder Simmons was THE ONLY one to receive mail. He got like 3 packages (hint hint familia) and 4 Dear Elders. It was funny.

Tuesday: DALLIN H OAKS (aka the APOSTLE) came and spoke at our Tuesday night Devotional. It was recorded and is/will be broadcasted to all of the MTC's across the world. So we sang in the choir and my beautiful face will be shown at all of the MTC's. We learned so much from him. the Spirit was so strong and SO IMPORTANT.
Wednesday: We are no longer the new missionaries. We could finally say "Welcome to the MTC" to the new ones. It feels good. This week has gone by fast, but the days to by slow. We taught Hely again, it went really well. In our classroom today though a lot of people broke down because we are frustrated with Leonor. But its all good. We had a lesson with her and OH MY GOSH. It was so good. We asked her "What do you want to learn from us?" and she started to cry. She told us that she wanted to know the truth and know how to feel comfort. So we talked to her about about how to feel the spirit and how to pray. We didnt have a lesson planned AT ALL but the spirit guided us along the way. It was amazing. As soon as we left the lesson my companion and I just started crying. We walked to the classroom in tears and our district was concerned at first, but then realized that it was good tears. Tender mercies happen everyday. 

I love it here so far. it is so much fun. Im sorry that there isnt a lot of grammar. I only have an hour to email and I dont want to get kicked off the computers. So I am typing as fast as I can. If you want to email me that would be AMAZING, but start a new chain instead of replying to this email so I know that you sent me one. I love the Dear Elders, keep them coming! If you write one before 12 pm Utah time I will get it that same day! We get to go to the temple today and I am so excited. I am going to attempt to attach pictures but we shall see if that works. Love you all. Send me inspirational quotes for my district and some of your favorite talks. 

con amor,
Hermana Olivas

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