September is over, I can wake up now // week 5

3:38 PM

Hola everybody. Its crazy to think that my time in the MTC is rapidly coming to an end. If you understand the song reference in my title, I love you.

This week was good. To be quite honest all of my weeks are good, its hard to remember everything that happens though...

Friday: We got our travel plans. I would say "flight plans" but I am taking a train to SLC. So I get "teased" a lot because of my lack of travel. But I do get to go on a train so that is pretty exciting. 

Sunday: Our district sang a song in sacrament. We sang "Grand Eres Tu" (how great thou art). It was so good. We even had 4 part harmony and everything. It was our last temple walk. Very sad but it was good. We saw "Open your Mouth" by President Holland, SO GOOD. We had a devotional by Steven Allen. He made commercials for the church back in the day. And we officially became the oldest district in our branch. I also saw Hermana Morgan Smith.

Monday: We were able to watch Richard G. Scott's funeral. It was really good. Not sad at all. It was a celebration of an apostle's life. We were able to teach a member via Skype. Her name is Augustina and lives in URUGUAY. It was all in spanish and it was great. You could feel the spirit via skype. Super powerful experience. She told us that our spanish was great and even though we may not be perfect, it doesnt matter. Just focus on the spirit. Oh speaking of Uruguay, when does Daniel Brock report and where? 

Tuesday: We had an amazing devotional by Claudia R. M. Costa (we are all guessing that he is going to be a new apostle. But we shall see) He is currently the president of the Quorum of the 70. It was fantastic. A great way to end our devotionals at the MTC

Wednesday: It was our last day with Hermano Gomes. it was so sad. He has been an amazing teacher and has helped all of us progress with teaching and speaking spanish so much. So there were tears that were shed, but it is good. We are going to serve the Lord. 

Umm if anyone was planning on sending a letter or package today is the day to send it. Other wise i dont know how i would get it in SLC... I dont know when I will be able to email again because I leave the MTC Tuesday and usually P-days are Mondays so you might not hear from me for a week or so. Thank you all for the support. Love you all.

con amor,
Hermana Olivas

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