Why can't it be socially acceptable to wear a ski mask in public? // week 18

8:04 PM

Hello friends and family,

Happy New Year! Did everyone have a great New Years? Ours was pretty good. We did a district activity and we were able to watch a disney movie at a members house. President Spendlove didnt want us out proselyting, so he let us get together as districts and watch a disney movie. So we watched "Inside Out." Basically there were only 2 of us in our district that could have seen that movie before their mission, and I didnt see it before the mission. So Sister Huxford was the only one that had already seen it. It was cute.
Anyways on to the missionary work. This week was good. We moved apartments, FINALLY! We now live inside of our area that we serve in and not 14 blocks North of it. So we found out about transfers and neither of us got transferred. We just moved apartments. I'm glad I am not leaving my area quite yet, there is so much work to be done here and I am loving it! 
On Monday morning we found out about transfers and that we were moving. We get packing and then we have to head out to work. Sometime during us walking our keys fall out of my jacket pocket. So we lost the house key, the mail key, and the church fob.... Awesome. Oh but the Elders had to "break into" our apartment to open it up for us and while doing so Elder Kirkham, who is serving in our branch and is in our district, stole my name tag. I didnt find out for 4 days later, but his reasoning was "If Im going to break into an apartment, I might as well steal something..." elders... but we are grateful for them Then the next day (Tuesday) we got a new house key. We still dont have the church fob or a mail key but we never used the mailbox and now the Elders live in that apartment so we dont have to worry about it right now. We are working on getting another church key though. 
But exciting news this week. Yesenia and Elyzabeth got their temple recommends to do temple baptisms!! YAHOOO!! They are so excited! Oh and we had an investigator come to church this week. His name is Simon, and he is actually our neighbor. And he really enjoyed it. 
The work is going great here. Lots of less active people are returning, recent converts are doing well, and we have some new investigators! 
It is still freezing and walking is soooo much fun. But its alright, I am getting healthy and we meet a lot of people! 
Have a great week everyone! love you all! thank you for the support! Keep me updated on life events! 

con amor,
Hermana Olivas

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