"You mean to tell me that that white girl can speak spanish?"-random man on the street to me // week 25

4:21 PM

Hello my lovely friends and family! How is life where you know about the drama of celebrities? To be honest it's weird sometimes going to Walmart on Mondays and look at the magazine covers in the checkout line and see the craziness of the world. And then I think, it's really not that hard to step away from all of this, all you have to do is give up television and social media. That's it. So I'm grateful for the time I have right now to not worry about celebrity drama, it would be nice to know about weather more frequently though haha

Oh I heard that Jacob Ramsey made the decision to be baptized! Someone tell him that I say congrats! That super awesome! 
I also heard the news about Phil Stryker. So sad but I know that he is in a better place and how I am oh so grateful for the plan of Salvation and the knowledge that families can be together forever. Send my condolences to Lynette and Carrie. 
This week was pretty great. I love my new companion and my district. On Monday we had a zone p-day activity and we played speed ball. I got to know more of the missionaries in the zone so that was nice. Speed ball was intense because we have a Tongan district in our zone so we have like 4 HUGE Tongan/Samoan Elders, one of them is like 6 foot 6 in. and could probably kill me with his thumb. So I made sure he was on my team in speed ball haha 
Tuesday we woke up at 4:30 am for our temple day! It was great. Got to do some names of my own family so that was special. I love the temple. It is truly the house of the Lord. I love it and I wish that EVERYONE could experience the joy that the temple can bring, and they can, if they decide to follow the path of Jesus Christ. So after the temple we got zone and district and sister pictures in front of the temple #basic 
Hmm what else happened... Well we met some more of our investigators this week! So that was good. We had a few lessons in the trailer parks so we made sure to bring members and flashlights with us. Our Ward mission leader went with us to a lesson and he wasn't happy about going to the trailer parks at night haha but he went anyways porque él nos ama. We had interviews with President Spendlove on Thursday. I love him and I am grateful to have him as my mission president. He also said that I shouldn't be switched into English anytime soon so that's a blessing (sometimes missionaries that serve in a language unit will get switched to serve in English for awhile because we have more missionaries that speak that language than language areas, and it's a sad day when you have to get an English name tag instead of your language name tag) 
Rose Park is such an interesting area. I do miss serving downtown and the members and the area in general but I do like serving here. I definitely see a lot more dogs here, specifically pit bulls or guard dogs in general that like to jump on the fence and bark at us, I smell quite a bit of weed here so that's fun, and sometimes you just walk outside of your apartment and you smell sewage and you think, hmm this is the smell of Rose Park. 
On Friday night we found out that our apartment was being inspected the next morning so we spent like 2 hours deep cleaning out apartment because it was nasty from the previous elders. We even found a dead mouse! Let's just say that now our apartment is pretty nice and smells a whole lot better. And we passed our inspection so that's good. 
Saturday night we had an interesting experience. We went to a lesson with an investigator of ours, he lives in a not so safe area and we were visiting him at night. He lives with a lot of other men, I don't even know how many people live there, and they always have visitors there. But we went to tell Rene that we couldn't have the lesson because we didn't have another woman to enter the house with us (another rule) and one of his friends walks up. This guy has a cowboy hat on with one of those white button up shirts, but not a dress shirt, and has a bottle of something in a bag in his hand. He comes up and shakes and KISSES our hands. We quickly made a return appointment with Rene because more men were coming and we sped out of there. So that's the second time my hand has been kissed. 
On Saturday as well we were running late to dinner and because of it a miracle happened. We were walking and we walked past a man and said hello to him like we always do. He stops us and says "Olivas. Ribucan. I've seen those names before..." We were confused but stayed there and he pulls out a phone and shows us a text, that we sent! Turns out this mans was an investigator that we had been trying to contact since we got here! We invited him to church and he came! 
Okay last story. On Sunday we taught young women's and our lesson was on "Why do we have adversities?" We talked about some women in the scriptures, like Esther, Ruth and Hannah who went through some hard times in their lives and we related it back to our lives. Teaching it was kind of hard but it ended up really well. At the end we shared a quick video about the 10 virgins. We talked about how we can prepare for the hard times in our lives. We can do so by reading our scripture, going to church, praying daily, going out with the missionaries, etc. there are many things we can do to "fill our lamps" everyday to help us prepare for the hard times. That's my invitation to you, fill your lamps before the hard times and trials come. Because when they do, you will have the help of the Lord. Love you all have a great week!

con amor,
Hermana Olivas

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