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Hello everyone,

How was Christmas? My Christmas this year was AMAZING!!

What happened that day that made it so amazing:
We woke up, did our studies, opened presents, and got ready for the
day. Shoutout to Carnegie Primary for the lovely tree and ornaments, I
miss you all. And thank you to my wonderful family members and friends
for the gifts.
Anyways, then the Cheneys picked us up. We went to the baptism.
Some background information on the Madrid family, some of which you
probably already know but, a long time ago, like 15 years ago Luis
Madrid moved to the United States from Peru for his job. He left
behind his family so he could get some roots planted in the US. He
ends up meeting Mormon missionaries and wants to get baptized. His
wife, Delina Madrid (my favorite person) told him not to get baptized
because they were Catholic (except at that moment she wasn't but
Heavenly Father knows best). Fast forward to like 3 years ago. Delina
and her three children and Luis are all living together again as a
family in Utah. Delina and the kids all get baptized as members of the
church, except the dad because he is Catholic. Now Michelle is serving
a mission in Riverside California and has been out for about 7 months.
When she left her dad wanted nothing to do with the church, he was
supportive but didn't want to get baptized. Then Sister Platt and I
come into this story. We start teaching him again, he has been taught
a lot. And one day we decide we need to extend the baptismal
invitation for the 25th of December, and he accepts the date!! Then we
switch areas with the Elders and they take over teaching him. Our
district leader asks our mission president to talk to Michelle's
mission president about getting permission to skype to her family for
more time so she can watch the entire baptism AND talk to her family.
Permission is granted. Okay well on Christmas Day we get to the
baptism and we take pictures and then we have technically
difficulties, because of course. But then she skyped in and opens Up
the skype call to see her dad in a Baptismal suit. And he said to her
the biggest reason he has decided to be baptized is because he wants
to be an eternal family and be sealed in the temple when she gets
MOMENT. Everyone was crying, and when I say everyone, I mean EVERYONE.
It was so beautiful and emotional and quite possibly the greatest
thing I have ever witnessed to this day. It was at that moment that I
truly realized why I was serving a mission. To see other families have
the opportunity to be eternal families and live together forever. It
was the greatest gift I have ever received. Then we go on with the
baptismal service with her right there, wow it was great. And then
Luis has to be baptized 3 times, he is way taller than his son who was
baptizing him, but it's all good because he got baptized. We, as
missionaries, sang "Más Cerca Dios de Ti." It was lovely. Then after
that we had lunch with a member family and got to skype our families.
That was nice. Kind of weird to be honest seeing them, but it was
good. Then at night a group of missionaries, including us, went around
Caroling to investigators, less active members, and recent converts.
It was great. Super icy but a lot of fun.
Oh I have a funny Spanish story for you all. So there is a big
difference in casarse vs callarse. Casarse means to be married and
callarse means to shut up. Ya see I knew the two different words but
for some reason when I was saying the closing prayer in a lesson,
instead of asking Heavenly Father for the opportunity to have this
couple to be married, I asked Him if they could shut up... Hermana
Blanca strikes again.... #facepalm anyways that's my life for you.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and that you were able to feel
the love of your Savior around and remember the true reason for
Happy New Year everyone, stay safe and make resolutions that you will keep!

D&C 11:21

Con amor,
Hermana Olivas

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