"The girl lied, I am not Elsa because the cold is bothering me very much anyways..." -Sister Plat // week 12

5:58 PM

Hola hola!
¿Cómo están? How was everyone's week? This week has been great!
First off, if you plan on sending mail sometime soon, please write on
it somewhere whether or not it is for Christmas. They are keeping our
mail for Christmas until our Christmas devotional.
Last Pday we went to the Conference Center and took a tour. It was so
fun! We went with two other sisters in our district, they are great. I
will attach some pictures of the temple and conference center.
We had a really spiritual night on Wednesday I think maybe Thursday...
But we were going to visit a potential investigator (someone who's
contact information we have and they seem somewhat interested in the
gospel). We parked our car and started walking. It was a pretty brisk
night but we stopped to talk to a lady sitting on the curb. She was
going through a really hard time in her life but we were able to give
her words of comfort as the spirit directed. She was crying and
hugging us. We were about to walk away, my companion turns around and
gives the lady her coat because she told us she would be out on the
street that night. We start walking away, but I run back fast and five
the lady my gloves because she needs them more. We walked away a
little colder but our hearts were warm and we felt Christ like love
BE BAPTIZED ON NOVEMBER 28!! Which is in less than two weeks, but
through the Lord it will all work out!
It's funny, whenever we contact people on the street, they look at us
weird and say, "I'm already a member..." Well just because you are a
member doesn't mean we don't want to talk to you haha sometimes
members don't like random missionaries talking to them.
Cute story. We were knocking on a door for a gentleman who we street
contacted a few weeks ago. His wife and granddaughter were home so we
start talking to them. Eventually the lady lets us in and we get to
help her out with her remodeling of her house. It was fun. While we
were there we were talking to the little granddaughter, who's name is
Belle. So we said that she was a princess, but of course she already
knew that. My companion said "did you know I'm a princess too?" My
companion just so happened to wear light blue and have her hair back
so the grandma said "she's Elsa!" The rest of the time we were there
the little girl was convinced that we were Elsa and Anna. I love
children. So that's an explanation of the subject line haha
I love it here and I am glad that I get to continue my work here for
at least another 6 weeks. This next transfer will be hard because we
will be walking, it will be cold, and the holidays will be happening
so it will be a little rough. But I know that if we turn to the Lord
when we are down, He will be there to pick us up. In all aspects of
life, He is there. He will always be there. Never forget His love for
you and my love for you as well.
Shout out to Emma and Ben on their mission calls! I am so excited for you both!
D&C 64:33
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Olivas

My hearts and prayers go out to the people in Paris. I may not know
what is going on but I am praying for them. Hopefully because of this
people will turn to their Heavenly Father for comfort.

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