Super short one // week 15

6:00 PM

Sorry that it's so late. Today has been crazy busy with errands. So
this will be short.
This week was good. Lots of amazing experiences with members and
investigators wanting to change and come closer to Christ.
One night we went to temple square because we were planning on going
to the family history center with some recent converts to help them
with family history work. They ended up coming really late so we
didn't know what to do while we waited. We asked the Temple Square
sisters if there was anything we could do and they said we could carol
with some sisters. It was so much fun. I am probably on 50 random
people's phones. It was an amazing experience to sing Christmas hymns
with other sisters, be on temple square, and be under a HUGE tree
covered in dazzling lights. It was a great experience.
We were riding on the bus this week and we talk to everybody, or at
least try to. This lady was exiting the bus and said "goodbye sister"
and then gave me the sweetest little note of encouragement. I love
random people

Sorry this is so short. Very odd for me. Enjoy the pictures
Con mucho amor,
Hermana Olivas

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