6:00 PM

Hola everyone
How was everyone's thanksgiving? Did you all get stuffed? Was Black
Friday crazy this year?
As for me this week was good. One day we were walking and it started
to POUR. Thankfully Heavenly Father reminded me to bring my umbrella
for some reason that I did not know so thankfully I was a little
sheltered from the rain. My shoes on the other hand were absolutely
soaked... So that was a fun night haha.
My thanksgiving was good. We got to have thanksgiving with a member
family and their extended family. It was in Millcreek which is out of
the mission but we were able to go because we also have our
investigator couple, Edwin and Stephany, come as well. It was nice
having a traditional thanksgiving dinner.
On Friday night however, sickness hit our companionship. On Friday
sister platt felt kind of nauseous all day and eventually threw up at
night. We went in early and I made lots of calls and read the
scriptures. Then on Saturday morning I threw up as well #ohjoy so on
Saturday I threw up 2 more times and we stayed in all day until 5 pm.
Then I got to sleep a members home while sister platt did visits with
Elder and Sister Cheney. I learned something on Saturday though. There
are a lot of hours in the day. As a missionary we are up from 6:30 am
to 10:30 pm always doing something. On Saturday in between sleeping
and reading scriptures it felt like the day was sooooo long, but in
reality every day always has 24 hours. It just feel different when we
weren't able to work productively.
I have a challenge for you all!
1. Go onto www.christmas.mormon.org
2. Watch the new Christmas video the church put out about our Savior
3. Check out the rest of the website and share with all of your
friends on social media the true reason behind this Christmas season
and use the hashtag #aSaviorisborn
I am so grateful that our Savior, Jesus Christ, was born. Without Him
this life would be so much harder, but with Him we can over come
anything and everything. Please never forget the love that Christ has
for each one of us. December shouldn't be a month dedicated to a fat
man in a red suit, it should be dedicated to our Savior. He is the
reason that we celebrate Christmas. Let us not forget that.
I love you all so much. I hope you have a great week!
Isaiah 9:6

Con amor,
Hermana Olivas

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