Going through the Temple

10:08 PM

Wow, preparing for a mission is honestly such a wonderful experience. It may be hard at times reading the Spanish Book Of Mormon and only understanding .01% of it, BUT preparing for a mission can also be such a spiritual experience.

For LDS missionaries to go on a mission, or be married in the Temple, we have to receive our endowments, before we can do anything in the temple. Receiving your endowments means that you are making specific covenants, or promises, to your Heavenly Father. When you receive your endowments, you also get to wear garments from then on until the rest of your life. For those of you who aren't members of the LDS church you can watch this amazing video that the church put out recently explaining our temple garments. Honestly, what we do in the temple isn't a secret, it is just sacred to us. We are doing the same temple ordinances/rituals in our temples today that were done in ancient temples, such as the Soloman Temple, and everything that we do comes from the book of Exodus, in the Bible. You can find some pretty amazing videos about our religion on The Mormon Newsroom Youtube and Mormon Channel and Mormon.org 

The first time going through the temple is a little weird, but a good weird. Everything felt foreign yet strangely familiar. It is honestly a hard feeling to explain. I was confused by a lot of things that were happening, but that is why you keep going to the temple, TO LEARN MORE and become more comfortable to what is going on during the sessions.  What we do in the temple is completely different than anything else that we do in our church. "The Lord's way of doing this is not like the world's way of doing things." One lady in the temple said this to me, and I LOVE IT. It is so true. Just because the world thinks that what we are doing is odd, doesn't mean that it is odd to us.

Overall, preparing for a mission has allowed me to enter The Lord's Holy House, and I am so grateful that I could do that, and be WORTHY do to that. Temples are interesting and so fascinating, and garments are pretty comfy :)

con amor,
Hermana Olivas

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